Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX

Why You're Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX
Why You're Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX

Introduction Of Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX

Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX. It was a metabolic ward study which means I was inpatient for 28 days so what they did is they had subjects consume a low-carb diet for two weeks and another group consumes a low-fat diet high carbohydrate diet for two weeks and then they swapped so it was a 28-day study where they flip-flopped right so the results it’s a pretty concrete study that tells us a lot so at the end of these 28 days these were the results, okay the low-fat diet group ended up consuming approximately 689 calories less than the keto group.

What causes you to not lose weight on keto?

What the heck so much for keto being appetite-suppressing right well hear me out on this because then during the second week on average the ketogenic diet group reduced their calories an additional 312 calories on average from the first week what does this tell us well it does tell us that as you get deeper into ketosis you start getting a little bit of an appetite suppressing effect but it’s not telling us the whole picture that we need to focus on what we saw out of this was something very interesting with food density and food mass you see.

The low-fat group on average consumed 2 140 grams of overall food mass like if you were to take all their food put it on a scale and weigh it they ate 2 140 grams of food total whereas the keto group only ate 1 473 grams of total food that’s like seven-eight hundred cal are like grams less in terms of weight of the food so the actual volume of food was significantly less in the keto group but the energy density was so high in the keto group their calories were higher what does this tell us this tells us the biggest problem that.

Why You're Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX
Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto & How to FIX

We face with keto and why people don’t lose weight is they think they are eating less than they are because you did get full faster gram to actual like a gram of weight to actual calorie you’re consuming less on keto because the fats are satiating they are indeed and I have some evidence to demonstrate how that works okay but the biggest problem is we are eating so much volume that we’re triggering a problem so what we need to do is reevaluate how we do our keto diet a little bit to be able to get more out of keto and be able to eat less of the energy-dense foods when you look at most of the ketogenic studies you find that there is a lot of evidence demonstrating.

What causes you to not lose weight on keto?

That the ketogenic diet blunts hunger and it can do this in a multitude of ways, okay and I’m going to explain that in a minute but I think the first thing we need to focus on is how do we keep you satiated number one increase the protein we need to increase the protein so that that is making up more of our overall calories there are four calories per gram of protein nine calories per gram of fat do the math you’ll be able to fill yourself up to more while also still getting the benefit of ketones I want to recommend a company down below called the good bar if you want a bar that works well on keto that is an appetite suppressing at least in my opinion try.

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Can you be in ketosis without losing weight?

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What’s kind of interesting is when we look at a study that was published in the American journal clinical nutrition that compared a lower carbohydrate diet high protein with a moderate carbohydrate diet that was high protein they found that when said at ad libitum could eat as much as they want the keto group ate significantly less and lost more weight than the moderate carbohydrate group so it’s kind of interesting it all depends on the setting it all depends on how high you drive our ketone levels up so when you’re putting people in a situation where they actually just can eat as much as they want generally speaking keto people don’t eat as much because.

They feel more satiated and part of it has to do with the reduction of something called so allows the hypothalamus to be a little bit more sensitive it’s a kind of a downstream receptor of insulin and leptin meaning it is making it like this it makes it so that when you do eat the response that you get in terms of hunger the response that you get in terms of satiety and things like that are much more pronounced because that is receiving the signal better additionally keto plays a big role in ghrelin there’s a study that’s published in the European journal clinical nutrition and this demonstrated that.

Why am I putting weight back on with keto?

The weight loss induced increase in ghrelin normally when you lose weight when you’re going through weight loss you have an increase in the hunger hormone ended up suppressed by the ketogenic diet so ketones seem to suppress ghrelin so there’s a lot of evidence that shows that being in ketosis makes you less hungry it’s just we run into the problem of the food density being just calorie density being so high so the calorie density is sort of for lack of a better term overshadowing the fact that we are less hungry we legitimately are less hungry on keto ketones do provide us with that benefit but a macadamia nut is so rich in fat it’s going to shoot us over.

That is one nut right so what we need to do is we need to again shift what we eat i mentioned the protein but you also need to be consuming long-chain fats as much as you can long-chain fats are going to be not medium-chain triglycerides although those are good too I’m not saying they’re not but consume lots of long-chain fats that means like the olive oils the avocado oils whatever what fish oils any kind of long-chain fat because what that can do is that increases something called cholecystokinin cck which is sort of a downstream signal again after digestion okay so once you consume food you have an increase in cck that signals the brain says hey we can go ahead and start digestion stop the eating.