WEEKLY VEGAN MENU Lunch and dinner recipes for a vegan diet

WEEKLY VEGAN MENU Lunch and dinner recipes for a vegan diet
WEEKLY VEGAN MENU Lunch and dinner recipes for a vegan diet

Introduction Of WEEKLY VEGAN MENU Lunch and dinner recipes for a vegan diet

Hi, I have been introducing during the menu since it is one of the most frequent doubts that you have within the vegan diet the coma ensures a good source of protein in your diet I have made three different combinations something from the menu on one side of the meals you will find combinations where there are ve details and legumes other combinations of vegetables legumes and cereals and then also a last combination of vegetables with let’s start by looking at the meals.

What should a vegan eat in a week?

Where the combination of vegetables with legumes used that would be those meals on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Sunday then the straight boots start with the On Monday, which would be for example in chickpea salad, the fulfillment of onion colors, a little cilantro, avocado and you can season it with lemon juice, olive oil and salt in the second meal on Tuesday, you will find a fake broccoli couscous, for example, with carrot and pumpkin. that you have been able to use in the oven and the lentils as legumes in the third meal of the week you can find a lentil stew.

I have made with vegetables and I just completed the dish with a little baked pumpkin and fresh chives and the last recipe of legume only with vegetables in the Sunday lunch that you will find to see is It is steamed with a stew of red beans, we continue with the dishes in which we also combine vegetables and legumes as before and add the part of cereal in the form of rice, quinoa, potato or couscous, which in this case are the dinners of the week from Monday to Sunday we start with Monday dinner here.

I propose a cauliflower puree with potato and you can add the cav and Santiago tofu previously with garlic parsley and oil in the pan above we continue with Tuesday’s scene am I propose a textured soybean in bolognese format with vegetables and quinoa at dinner on Wednesday you can find a temple that is sautéed for example with vegetables such as onion, mushrooms, and broccoli and just completed the plate with the cooked potato at dinner on Thursday, here you have it. I put a base of vegetables in the oven, for example, it is pumpkin, pepper, onion, eggplant, and zucchini.


What do vegans eat for lunch and dinner?

Then add the crumbled tofu that you have been able to sauté with With a little oil, garlic, parsley and turmeric, and a handful of rice to finish completing the dish on Friday you have for dinner in a straight line where a wok of mixed vegetables with lentils and rice is included, we continue with dinner on Saturday where I propose a soybean Textured stewed with chard, onion and natural tomato that you can finish with a little rice and the last dinner of the week would be a wok of assorted colored peppers with rice noodles and tofu sautéed with garlic, parsley and turmeric. menu with meals.

Where we combine the vegetable part with cereals so you will see that cereals do not provide all of them a complete protein but nothing happens because as you have seen in the menu we have already been providing foods with complete vegetable protein so you can allow someday the week to make a single plate of cereals with vegetables that would be in the meals on Wednesday on Friday and Saturday I start with Wednesday’s meal, what I suppose is brown rice with vegetables, for example, carrot onion and green pepper.


And you can add a touch of turmeric to add flavor as well as a handful of almonds for Friday’s meal. of pasta with vegetables to which you can add a touch of mango to give it a more exotic flavor to the food and finally to the Saturday meal or its promo a salad with a vegetable base with false consult with Florida and various vegetables with quinoa and avocado once I have explained the menu that is prepared, I want to give you some tips to finish completing our weekly diet to remind you that you can finish completing your meals with a source of healthy fat in the form of olive oil.

Meal prep for a week vegan

This dried avocado or olives Then also remember that during the day in the meals that you are doing either breakfast or between meals you can finish completing your diet with options such as fruit nuts or seeds in some vegetable life.

It would not be the best option, you can displace the dairy or vegetable drink or vegetable yogurt for more between meals, introduce a fruit rich in dessert Vitamin C.

Their derivatives or nuts for example such as almonds or seeds such as sesame or green leafy vegetables as well as algae that could also help us try to provide some calcium and remember that a vegan and vegetarian diet must be supplemented with vitamin b12 in one-two thousand micrograms a week this menu is vegan but we can also serve the recipes for anyone who carries out a vegetarian choice the only thing that in addition to the proteins.