Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Which One to AVOID

Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Which One to AVOID
Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Which One to AVOID

Introduction Of Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Which One to AVOID

Virgin Coconut Oil Vs Refined Which One to AVOID. The research to find that they’re using refined coconut oil in fact when you look at meta-analysis that looks at extra virgin coconut oil suddenly you see a different result but the bulk of the research is done with refined why because it’s in a laboratory setting and everything is refined everything is sterile and everything is like so yes they’re trying to get a very controlled thing and that changes things so let’s look at some research after I would like you to check out thrive market.

What is the difference between refined and virgin coconut oil?

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That is in coconut oil are going to be coming from lauric acid which is already awesome has probiotic effects as antimicrobial properties it’s a great fat 15 is coming from MCT oil which we know has powerful effects within the brain has a powerful effect on ketone formation has a powerful effect on thermogenesis just a really good fat overall so then what’s the big deal well if you look at some of the studies you see that they claim that coconut oil increases levels of LDL and that’s not an uncommon situation what happens is when we consume saturated fat is saturated fats will temporarily stall what is called the LDL receptors so LDL receptors where are in our liver and they will absorb.

Is virgin coconut oil better than regular?

The LDL that elevates from consuming fats every time we consume fats it’s going to happen but when those LDL receptors are blocked LDL can’t dock it can’t go into its stocking station so it stays circulating that’s not that big of a deal because there’s a natural feedback mechanism there but if those LDL particles become oxidized then it becomes bad because that’s when the LDL particles change their form and they can never dock in the liver again and they can only dock into an immune cell which can trigger all kinds of issues like arterial plaque so what’s the deal here so when we look at the research we see that it increases LDL well that’s a problem but.

When you look into the details that are only with the refined coconut oil if you look at a study that was published in the mechanisms of aging and development took a look at two studies of coconut oil that found that there was no increase in LDL and guess what these two studies we’re looking at extra virgin coconut oil so what is going on here well it’s probably have something to do with the fact that the refining process is breaking down the antioxidant effect which is therefore allowing that LDL to become oxidized more that’s going to keep LDL elevated even longer so food has its natural ability to do amazing things when we start messing with that.

We mess with how it works synergistically within our body so refined coconut oil is a terrible fat because yes you are breaking down and eliminating the antioxidant effects which could be preserving and protecting that LDL from ever getting oxidized in the first place now the other study that we look at was published in the journal of medicinal food this one’s just interesting and this one was blown out of proportion too and first of all this was done in rats which I reference rat studies a lot because they are somewhat applicable for understanding a hypothesis but not necessarily until we have like a randomized control human study it’s really hard to get pure data anyway.

Is virgin or refined coconut oil better for the skin?

The study took a look at 12 rats and they fed them like a super high carbohydrate diet and then on top of the carbohydrates they were eating they gave them a bunch of fat to make them hypercaloric they put them in an overfed state a little background when humans rats whatever are overfed all kinds of things go wrong inflammatory signals go through the roof pkr responses go through the roof all kinds of things that trigger negative issues in the body we’re not supposed to be gorging ourselves so.

That’s already problem number one then what they did is they said okay well now we’re gonna test coconut oil and see what this does to the blood markers they gave them coconut oil and what do you know it messed up their lipid profile give them all kinds of negative responses so they have already a lot of calories plus they added coconut oil and now they’re able to take that data and say well this is bad because compared to control which was saltwater it was much worse um yeah if I just ate 6 000 calories and you drew my blood it would be one thing if I ate 6 000 calories and you added saltwater it would be another thing.

Is refined or virgin coconut oil better for hair?

If I ate 6 000 calories and then you gave me another thousand calories of coconut oil don’t you think that that result would be a heck of a lot different from saltwater yeah there’s an additional calorie b additional fat and it’s coconut oil instead of saltwater it doesn’t make sense so they take that and they say coconut oil causes this problem the bottom line is these studies aren’t necessarily incorrect they’re just poor examples of what makes coconut oil good or bad can we find details as to why saturated fat is bad yes and let me be the first to tell you that a ketogenic diet I would not recommend more than 20 percent of your fats come from saturated fat.

Why because coconut oil is a little bit of an exception but saturated fat is not exactly the most nutritionally dense it doesn’t really do anything it’s stable it can help with myelination of your nerves it can help with brain signaling it help with gray matter it can help with your brain in general but it’s dose-dependent up to a certain point i can’t say i’m going to consume 200 grams of saturated fat and have the most amazing nerves in the most amazing brain ever it.