Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits

Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits
Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits

Introduction Of Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits

Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits. That’s delicious that isn’t going to kick you out of keto no matter how much you have unless you really went to town but we also have something that has a microbial benefit to us now there’s a study that was published in the journal metabolism that took a look at inulin and they labeled it with what’s called a carbon isotope so they were able to watch this inulin as it traveled and they found that as the inulin traveled it spread rapidly throughout.

What vegetable has almost no calories?

The gut is a good thing because it indicates that oh lots of different species of bacteria can feed on it and it’s fermenting quickly and it’s allowing for well rapid growth so this is exactly what we want when it comes down to well any time really but especially on a ketogenic diet because we can produce more in the way of short-chain fatty acids which can help us out with the ketogenic diet but also help us out with processing glucose so we have a lot of benefits that come from artichoke not to mention they’re just awesome to eat in the first place but then within that same kind of category asparagus like you could eat essentially unlimited amounts of asparagus now.

Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits
Vegetables With Almost ZERO Calories & HUGE Benefits

I say that with a grain of salt don’t go out and eat 200 stalks of asparagus but you’re gonna have a hard time kicking yourself out of keto if you eat a bunch of asparagus, okay the reality is they’re super high in inulin as well and that prompts another study that was published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition this one’s cool because they gave subjects inulin like as an asparagus 15 grams of it once a day for two weeks okay at the end of two weeks they found that they had a very large increase in what’s called Bifida bacterium now the interesting thing is bifidobacterium when you look at the gut biome isn’t like that miraculous it doesn’t produce butyrate.

What are 5 vegetables that are low in calories?

It doesn’t produce short-chain fatty acids which is what we’re after but indirectly it cross feeds so what cross-feeding is is let’s say you have one species of bacteria in your gut and when it eats fiber it creates a metabolite well that metabolite then gets eaten by bifidobacterium and then produces short-chain fatty acids so it’s called cross-feeding where bifidobacteria itself isn’t producing butyrate or short-chain fatty acid but when it cross-feeds with a metabolite it creates it so the long story short is that bifidobacterium can be a stronger catalyst to create more than.

A butyrate producer itself what does that mean what does this gobbledygook mean it means asparagus is really good for you so you should probably be eating it then we move into another one which isn’t talked about a lot on keto because it has a little bit of a sweet taste so people don’t think about it that’s jicama now jicama is the one somewhat caveat within this category there are a couple of grams of carbs and jicama so if you were to eat like 500 grams of jicama you might start kicking yourself out of keto.

Does anything have 0 calories?

A little bit but again there’s some stuff in jicama that might counteract that effect you see jicama once again very high in inulin kind of seeing a theme here it’s like foods that have high amounts of natural inulin might just be foods you can eat a lot of but there’s a study that was published in the journal clinical biochemistry and nutrition now this was a mice study but they gave jicama extract to these mice for six weeks and they found their fasting glucose decreased and their hba1c throughout this period went down meaning they were handling glucose better well what exactly was happening here so what they found is that it can increase amp phosphorylation and what.


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That means is that it helps your body sort of flip the metabolic switch to know when to tap into stored body fat or to know when to activate sort of these other amps pathways so very very good for a ketogenic diet very very good for any kind of metabolic health but what’s wild is they also noticed there was an increase in glute4 expression and what that means is it was bringing the transporter for glucose up to the surface it’s called glute4 so this could have been the reason why hba1c went down so much okay because if it increased the expression of glut4 transporters it means that by this jicama extract made it so that the glucose.

What can I snack on that has zero calories?

That was in the bloodstream was getting grabbed out of the bloodstream and taken up into the muscle cell easier leaving less glucose to kick you out of keto less glucose for you know hyperglycemia and more glucose going into the right spot where it’s not negatively affecting you okay not to mention jicama has the inulin again so we get that huge benefit of the slow digestion and the cross-feeding and all that benefit that comes directly with our gut microbiome, by the way, I would recommend if you’re interested in your gut microbiome at all check out a company called seed this is the probiotic that I use so when we talk about veggies fiber any of that the long tail benefit.

What we’re after is gut microbial diversity we want that gut diversity because that is really what’s going to give us sort of that I guess level playing field when it comes down to metabolism so I would recommend them as what is called a symbiotic okay it is a prebiotic and a probiotic in one and people just ask me all the time what probiotic I recommend and this is one especially if you’re doing keto I think it works phenomenally well at least it has for me.

So make sure you do check them out a big thank you to c by the way that’s also a 15 off link down below in the description so you use that link use code thomas15 you say 15 of the symbiotic which is super cool like look at this picture it’s got a capsule inside of a capsule just cool technology so anyway that link is down below next up is shirataki noodles so shirataki noodles are 97 water and 3 glucomannan fiber and you might be thinking to look it’s not a vegetable it is a vegetable it’s a called the Kojak root so it’s still like a root and is it an unlimited food it is an unlimited food but let me tell you this if you ate two cups of shirataki noodles you would not be having a good time.

Can you survive on zero calorie foods?

It would cause some digestive discomfort sure the interesting thing is because it is such a powerful fiber glucomannan fiber just absorbs a ton of water so it has a heavy heavy satiating effect there was a study that was published in the journal alternative therapies and health and medicine this is fascinating okay they found that just two to four grams per day of glucomannan fiber like that are in shirataki noodles those are those clear little whitish colored noodles well just that small amount of two to four grams result in what is called fecal energy loss meaning you are losing calories coming out through your poop that sounds crazy right but it’s because the fiber is so powerful that.

It’s holding on to other foods and making it so they don’t absorb as much so you pass them along so shirataki noodles aren’t just a net-zero food they are like a net loss food you consume them and you potentially go negative it’s pretty fascinating but again you can’t eat those all day every day because you’ll probably get pretty bloated the next one is nutritional yeast which is kind of a vegetable kind of not i mean it’s still i guess in some ways grown that way but.

I wanted to add it into the mix because it’s a little bit fun to put on vegetables nutritional yeast on your asparagus is delicious nutritional yeast on your artichokes are delicious okay all you have to do is mix up with a little bit of water and it’ll stick right to the vegetable and taste really good along with a little bit of salt and you have practically no calories.