Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn’t Work

Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Work
Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Work

Introduction of Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn’t Work

Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn’t Work. it over I have another kind of screen here with my study so I can go over different parts of the study with you what this study was about to let me first just get that out there this study was comparing alternate day fasting so a form of fasting alongside caloric restriction and it was ultimately trying to conclude which one is better for muscle preservation and which one is better for fat loss or both right so it was a very well designed study and now I know if you’ve written the article that has tried to debunk this study or anything like that.

Why am I not seeing results from intermittent fasting?

They kind of throw it under the bus I want to take a little bit of a different approach because I feel before I get into the nitty-gritty of this study feel like the design of the study the methodology in terms of the randomized control was very well designed study okay there weren’t any serious like flaws as far as the study design is concerned okay so I don’t want to throw researchers under the bus they did a phenomenal job with the study but it’s going to need context and it’s going to need context from someone.

Who knows intermittent fasting and I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I just I know the research I know the science and I know the other research so I’ve compiled five or six other studies that look at the same thing to kind of compare results so I think we’re gonna have some fun there’s a good live broadcast going on and they can hop in and they can join so everyone goes ahead and say hello say where you’re watching from I’m going to spend the next one minute having some fun saying hi to everyone.

We’ve got Jennifer johnson in the house Tanya lewis what’s going on we’ve got uh coup vibes we’ve got California what’s going on Sofia we’ve got Orlando in the house we’ve got Lakeland Florida with jigs what’s going on we’ve got curtains in the house, uh we have new york Hannah good to see you we have Kansas from nick we have oh this is awesome billy in north Carolina, whoa this is sweet I love seeing this like my favorite part when the just comments blow up where people are watching from California I see Georgia I see el Paso texas it’s going so fast I see Tucson Arizona I see whoa phoenix Egypt I just saw I see corpus Christi texas I see Barbados okay we got people.


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Can intermittent fasting become ineffective?

That is into intermittent fasting from all over the world okay so south Africa brazil Oklahoma Seattle this is awesome Boston okay keep going for another 15 seconds or so I can’t my brain doesn’t work this fast I know fasting is good for the brain holy moly all right we’ve got I can’t keep up Romania I just saw Norway jamaica Kenya hauling California uh North Dakota all right let’s go ahead and let’s rock so again share this article I apologize for the video quality I’m using my cruddy kind of webcam on my laptop um so anyway this study was kind of interesting because it was published in the journal of science and translational medicine and.

It looked at what’s called alternate day fasting versus typical caloric restriction so what they did is they took one group and they had them do uh traditional caloric restriction where they reduced their calories to 75 of their normal caloric intake, okay so what that means is if they normally eat well this is purely hypothetical for easy math if they normally ate a thousand calories they were eating 750. okay so they went down to 75 percent okay so okay typical caloric restriction and then what they did is they had another group that did alternate day fasting so one day they would fast and the next day they would eat 200 of their daily calories, okay so they would eat double so.

They would eat one day fast one day eat double fast one day and then another group they had do fasting one day and then 150 of their daily calories so what that equated to is zero calories one day 150 the next day equaling out to the same as 75 percent daily right so basically they matched the calories they said both groups are going to eat the same amount of food same amount of calories, okay the only difference is going to be one just restricts calories consistently at 75 percent every day another group does it differently where they fast one day and then eat a surplus the next day well here’s where things got a little bit interesting when they looked at the results.

Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Work
Study Claims Intermittent Fasting Doesn’t Work

Why is my weight stuck on intermittent fasting?

When this was done it was a crossover so that means that one group did one thing and then they crossed over and each group tried the different group the group that was fasting now went over the caloric restriction so they did this great crossover design um let’s go ahead and kind of go to the results I’m just going to skip ahead and kind of read you really what kind of happened here I’ll find the exact result so I can just read them to you as it were [Music] ah here we go okay so essentially what they found is that caloric restriction led to a significantly greater reduction of fat mass in comparison with alternate-day fasting okay they lost 1.7 kilograms versus only 0.75 kilograms well that’s scary at first right we think okay.

The wow the caloric restriction group lost more fat this is all there is to it but then they went into the muscle preservation piece too and they saw that wow actually the caloric restriction preserved more muscle too well what exactly was going on what holes can I poke in this study well the mechanics of the study I can’t poke a hole in but what’s going on in this study was only three weeks long okay now.

What happens in your body when you first start fasting your body has not become fat-adapted yet okay so what that means is your body sort of goes into a little bit of a shock starvation mode when you’re taking people that haven’t fasted before and suddenly have them fast so for three weeks you are just at the end of those three weeks starting to get to where you would potentially get the positive effects right not saying you don’t get positive effects inside those three weeks but you’re just now getting to that point right so that’s.