Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated

Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated
Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated

Introduction Of Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated

Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated. When you look at how much oil is utilized in the body it is a very small molecule so when you consume MCT oil it sort of force-feeds your body fat that can just be absorbed very quick so the molecules are so small they absorb directly into what’s called the portal vein and that portal vein drains right into the liver and it goes right into the liver mitochondria and the liver mitochondria then utilize this fat as a fuel source, therefore, it’s training.

Is MCT bad for fatty liver?

The liver to be a little bit more of a fat burner now this is great for a lot of different reasons it’s potentially good for body composition and all that but when we look at non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and how that functions well we are potentially just giving an alternative fuel source giving a liver a break from having to deal with that sugar having to deal with it and being overwhelmed and depositing it as triglycerides so the fact that we were able to see both sugar and triglycerides come down with MCT oil consumption well.

Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated
Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated

That European journal clinical nutrition study just painted a very nice picture quick break here I want to let you know about something called thrive market thrive market’s an online membership-based grocery store and when we’re talking about kind of adding MCT oil in here and there they’re a great place to get MCT oil as well as a bunch of other things you can sort by different diet category so it’s an online grocery store so like your pantry staples anything like that sort by paleo by keto by vegan by vegetarian whatever gluten-free and then you can shop within those categories and it gets delivered right to your doorstep a lot of times it’s more economical in the grocery store too plus.

When is the best time to take MCT oil?

This is super convenient because it shows up right at your doorstep so there is a special link down below because they’re a sponsor of this channel and that link is going to save you 25 off of membership and get you a gift when you use that link so check them out down below so when I started looking further there is a study that’s published in the journal molecular sciences that took a look at pigs now you might be thinking pigs aren’t humans so does this matter to some degrees you know some are going to shoot.

It’s down but it’s still interesting science because pigs have very similar gastrointestinal systems to humans well they found that lipopolysaccharides are pathogenic compounds that leak through the intestinal tract break through the gut wall into the bloodstream it happens in all of us it’s not something that only happens to specific people it happens in higher degrees in typically unhealthy people but it’s always happening to some certain degree well they found that lipopolysaccharides triggered a severe liver injury when the liver is impaired it impairs its ability to deal with things right when inflammatory signals are high.

How much MCT oil should you take daily?

It impairs the liver’s ability to deal with things that could potentially contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease because it can’t deal with the sugar so then it gets turned into triglycerides and that potentially stores around the liver the point of this study wasn’t just the fact that it triggered liver injury it was the fact that when they gave them MCT oil it attenuated the liver injury and it lessened the inflammatory response so much oil lessened the negative impact of the lipopolysaccharides on the liver now what does that have to do with a non-alcoholic fatty liver it has to do with again the liver’s impairment and ability to deal but the reason that.


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The MCT oil had this effect was more than likely because of something called a toll-like receptor a toll-like receptor has to do with our inflammatory response so when a pathogenic compound like a lipopolysaccharide leaks out of our gut and it goes through a toll with a toll-like receptor that toll booth says oh hey you’re a bad guy I’m going to signal the inflammation system and then inflammatory cascade comes and that can cause all kinds of different issues right obesity itself is an inflammatory condition too but what happens is MCT oil seems to lessen the amount of toll light receptors so if we have fewer toll booths less toll-like receptors then.

Should I take MCT oil food?

That’s less ability for them to recognize lipopolysaccharides and trigger an inflammatory cascade so by limiting that we limit the potential inflammation triggered by that freeing up the liver giving it a little bit of a break but I think the big piece that we have to look at is how much oil can help out fatty acid oxidation we need the body to be a better fat burner that is very important when we look at how much glucose we consume and how much fructose and how much carbohydrates we consume generally as a society as a world today it’s no wonder that we’re seeing this happen right it makes sense so what happens with MCT oil is it absorbs so fast again it kind of forces the body into using fats there’s a study that was published in the international journal of obesity and related metabolic disorders.

That took a look at overweight women and it divided them into two groups a placebo group and a group that had 20 percent of their calories coming in from MCT oil the group that had the most oil ate the same amount of calories they lost significantly more weight, and it has to do with the fact that it up-regulated their fatty acid utilization their bodies became more efficient and better at using fats which is again what we’re looking for at the liver level as well so I’m not saying that MCT oil is going to solve everything but it’s an interesting thing when the calories in a given day are made up a lot of MCT oil then yeah we have a less room to eat sugar because.

Our calories are coming from mct oil but b also just these potential fatty acid oxidation effects but also when we see some of the other studies mct oils stimulate what are called uncoupling proteins this causes some of the calories that we take in to be burned as heat rather than store so more uncoupling proteins means more brown fat more mitochondrial mass more heat being dissipated and that increases our resting energy expenditure ultimately leading to weight loss but if we’re losing weight and we’re in that state there is a good likelihood that we are potentially decreasing a fatty liver as well so when you look at the whole nutritional aspect of things you want to shift yourself from being a heavy heavy heavy glucose burner into periodic fatty acid utilization.