NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS Ask your questions to your dietitian online

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS Ask your questions to your dietitian online
NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS Ask your questions to your dietitian online

Introduction Of NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS Ask your questions to your dietitian online

 Its relationship with food and with food so we started a new article that we are going to talk about today because in this article they have asked us questions about hypoglycemia fibromyalgia sport chocolate magnesium healthy seasonings excess fiber mit How to drink some foods makes you fat or fruit makes you fat at meals, among other questions, among other questions, very well because we started and we always like to start talking about things that are happening now because.

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We want to tell you that the Catalan government has published a nutritional guide on tips towards which we have to go with the diet changes we have to make well we are going to summarize it for you it is an infographic that that is and right now it is only in Catalan but soon it will be in Spanish we are going to summarize what it tells us After analyzing many studies and knowing what our weaknesses and our strengths are, it is that we consume more, that is, that we consume more quantity of fruits and vegetables, the vegetable fraction, more legumes.

More nuts and we increase our social life and our active life. daily activity and exercise that we always change and enhance as a hydration drink n the water that we consume more whole foods that we consume preferably better extra virgin olive oil and that we consume more local seasonal foods because this is more sustainable and also will be cheaper and will have more flavor and what we will do – Adriana should avoid the Salt is good to reduce it not without reducing salt and avoiding sugar and also reducing red and processed meats and also avoiding other processed foods.

That has enough are those that have more additives so more fresh foods and fewer foods well more processed good Well, we started with the article the first question that Claudia asks us, tells us that they already consume fruits such as papaya and melon quite often, which are very sweet foods and that they suffer many hypoglycemic drugs because we are going to see Claudia without knowing more about the relationship they have. your hypoglycemia with your state of health, if it were hypoglycemia due to fasting, what would you have.

Can I talk to a dietitian online?

What to avoid is these long periods without eating then I would recommend that you do frequent intakes and not very high in energy density but if frequently every three two or three hours you would have a breakfast or a snack tell you that fruits and vegetables are foods that provide carbohydrates It is true but they do not have greater relevance and you can consume them in your diet together with cereals that are better than whole grains tell you that fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and also help us control blood glucose and as advice, for example before leaving to sleep because you can make a snack.

Because it can be yogurt with oatmeal or a toast or some nuts to make a small intake and reduce the period in which you are not eating with good sleep because ask us to Roberto tells us that he has lupus who takes prednisone daily for three months and a diet recommended by a nutritionist very well and has dropped four kilos but still, it is seen that he does not lose weight as much as before, although he also exercises and asks us if he should incorporate a more advanced exercise routine or that we give him some recommendation, Roberto predicts my area is a corticosteroid so yes that.

It has been seen that in the secondary aspects the blood pressure can be regretted, the retention of liquids in somewhere they advance in the center space for a little, which can affect a little weight loss but through an increased diet, the diet that is As I mentioned, it is being done and the practice of sports in the short or long term that weight loss will probably take place a little slower than it would be if you had to take this type of medication but with patience and continuity that Losing weight can end up giving it ok you can see that also because the sport has to be varied so.

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS Ask your questions to your dietitian online

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That adaptation is also said in case you can improve the I Intensity because it would also increase energy expenditure, in this case, we would advise you to go to a professional specialized in sports to give you that advice and that in this way you get that sport provides you that benefit for losing weight very well Next question Laura asks us hello thank you very much for your answers in the article I would like to ask another question what kind of diet and exercise is good if you have fibromyalgia and wear of the bone, good Laura well I will answer you look so.

It is known from studies that regular aerobic activity has been made for you as it can help you reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia and increase your physical condition that is to say that you physically the muscles because you do not lose them in terms of frequency, it is known what 20 minutes a day in 10 and 10 even if it costs you more two or three times a week it can help you achieve these positive effects and it has even been It has been noted that one hour of exercise a week can help reduce the symptoms of depression and the symptoms of fibromyalgia, so.

We encourage you to do a little physical exercise at this frequency every week, well, ask us if we could give ideas of condiments for salads vegetable meats, and fish to give a little flavor to life is getting bored of using little oil or trying not to use these more caloric sauces such as cheese sauces or more oil more fried or such condiments we can Suggest here highlights with we take out which powers and use many of the most basic spices because they can be basil, oregano, the guests came out parsley paprika black pepper and well you can add them in the meals just before cooking them so that.

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They go gaining flavor then there are also a little more exotic because drain the turmeric in fiber even the cumin that good but every time z you have to cheer up looking like this you have to cheer up a little to get out of the garlic the parsley and the onion these I think they tend to like a lot so you can also add them you can make vinaigrettes to know if the food or really as in the case the room takes more flavor a vinaigrette you could make it with an olive oil base with a moderate amount of apple cider vinegar, for example, lemon juice and.

Then add the hodgepodge of spices that you like the most and that now possible to add will be launched it will take on much more flavor even within This vinaigrette can be added a yogurt that also has a much more chopped yogurt sauce here, very small red-green, I do not make you since it would also be a more classic vinaigrette the appointment and then you can also use the marinade which is a technique that what It does is immerse the food in a liquid so that.

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It takes on much more flavor, for example, you can make a marinade with the raw food. meat a fish with three or the vegetables in that liquid the same add a lot of spices there is no need even here because it also hurts soy sauce, for example, soy sauce, for example, we advise you to dilute it, dilute it a little in water to that does not have as much access to health from sugar as a lemon because curry, ginger, thyme and well, you see, you submerge the food, leave.

It at least for about 30 minutes and if you leave it in the fridge for more hours, better then they cook it and they are already It will have much more flavor, very good. Pilar asks us what we think of foods like panela si Lopera gave to those novelties that are on the rise she has autoimmune hypothyroidism and asked us to what extent it influences the difficulty in losing weight because it costs me It is worth a lot. After all, we are going to see pilar the panela is the cane sugar the agave syrup is a sugary juice that comes from the agave plant and then we also have for example. Comment It NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS Ask your questions to your dietitian online.