New Effect of Olive Oil on Fatty Liver Discovered

New Effect of Olive Oil on Fatty Liver Discovered
New Effect of Olive Oil on Fatty Liver Discovered

Introduction Of New Effect of Olive Oil on Fatty Liver Discovered

New Effect of Olive Oil on Fatty Liver Discovered. This topic’s a little bit serious but still cool new research surrounding the world of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with olive oil so the study was published in the journal nutrition so we’re going to break it all down remember I’m not a doctor okay I’m some dude on the internet that likes to read research journals and I lost 100 pounds myself and I kind of understand the biochemistry enough to articulate it so I get kind of excited when I get to share this kind of stuff.

Is virgin olive oil good for fatty liver?

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They are awesome they’ve been a supporter of this channel for some years as well if you use that link down below you can save 25 off of the thrive membership as well as get a gift using that link check them out after this video so the journal nutrition took a look at 100 people that had relatively high cardiovascular disease risk and it divided them into three groups one group ate a standard American kind of control diet and the two other groups ate various forms of Mediterranean diets one group ate a Mediterranean diet with extra olive oil added to it extra virgin olive oil so four tablespoons minimum extra virgin olive oil the other Mediterranean group had to have a minimum of 30 grams of mixed nuts per day okay they wanted to look at several things but after three years of having them do this and mind you.

Is olive oil good or bad for liver?

This was not in a caloric deficit this was normal diet normal calories they weren’t trying to lose weight or anything like that okay after three years they measured the overall fat content of their liver and who developed a fatty liver or steatosis the group that had the olive oil along with their Mediterranean diet well only three people ended up developing any instance of a fatty liver okay whereas the Mediterranean group that had the mixed nuns 12 of them developed a fatty liver that’s a much higher percentage and the control diet 10. now that 10 to 12 that’s a reasonable discrepancy between the two that you couldn’t say one is better than the other or worse than.

The other but the three with the olive oil that’s a pretty wild anomaly that is cool to see how the actual fat percentage of their liver 1.2 percent for the extra virgin olive oil group that’s their liver fat percentage on average 2.7 for the mixed nut Mediterranean group and 4.1 for the control group for the standard American diet so even though there is still some fatty liver instance in the mixed nut group the overall level of fat there was much less than the control group was out there in its own with the amount of liver fat percentage anyhow we’re all wondering here like what’s going on right so they consume four tablespoons of extra virgin olive.


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I mean that data is enough for me to add more olive oil into my diet in and of itself but it seems like a lot of it has to do with the phenolic compounds in this particular case hydroxytyrosol seems phenomenal hydroxytyrosol is a natural antioxidant that’s in olive oil so check out some of this research hydroxytyrosol could inhibit fatty acid synthesis meaning it’s harder to develop fatty acids around the liver because fatty acid oxidation is getting promoted so when you slow down fatty acid synthesis you’re going to speed up fatty acid oxidation meaning you’re going to burn it faster than you’re storing it in this particular case I think.

Can I eat olive oil with fatty liver?

We’re talking more localized to the liver but it goes on beyond that extra virgin olive oil seems to increase and this is a big one glute 2 activity glute 2 is a glucose receptor is a glucose transporter if we have low levels of glut2 we’re not absorbing and taking up as much glucose meaning it’s circulating through the bloodstream more which could contribute to a non-alcoholic fatty liver right now if we can increase the number of transporters that are more transporters pulling that glucose out of the bloodstream putting it into the cell and into use as creating energy so we want that so that’s another interesting component of the extra virgin olive oil and that could have been a big factor especially when you’re looking at people with metabolic dysfunction but a big piece that we have to look at is how hydroxytyrosol again that antioxidant within.

The olive oil can increase what is called nrf2 phosphorylation nrf2 in our bodies or liver sort of like a built-in mechanism to upregulate antioxidant processes so when we activate nrf2 our liver becomes better at upregulating its defenses so not are we just you know not taking in something like olive oil that’s acting as a shield that olive oil is activating something within the liver giving it its potential shield so that is fascinating in and of itself but when we look at the fatty acid metabolism piece extra virgin olive oil can activate what’s called PBA or alpha which if you watch my videos a lot I talk about that all the time par alpha is a receptor protein.

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That conditions or activates once that receptor protein is activated by specific fats it travels into the nucleus of a cell and it encodes to change how the mitochondria use fuel making it so the cell can use fats better if a cell can use fats better you are a better fat oxidizer better fat burner it doesn’t mean that you’re magically going to burn the body fat on your body but it means that your body is developing the mitochondrial machinery and the ability to use fats more effectively which could be very good at the hepatic level when you look at non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and you look at generally when people lose weight.

When they lose fat their instance of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease goes down too because that’s still fat but in this particular study, it was interesting because they weren’t trying to get them to lose weight so it was kind of shifting where the fat was burning and a lot of it has to do probably with this hydroxytyrosol and potentially with maybe just adding more of these monounsaturated fats that are getting them more fat adapted it’s all speculative like the mechanisms.