LOSE WEIGHT AFTER SUMMER Lose weight in a healthy way after the holidays

LOSE WEIGHT AFTER SUMMER Lose weight in a healthy way after the holidays
LOSE WEIGHT AFTER SUMMER Lose weight in a healthy way after the holidays

Introduction Of LOSE WEIGHT AFTER SUMMER Lose weight in a healthy way after the holidays

LOSE WEIGHT AFTER SUMMER Lose weight in a healthy way after the holidays. we encourage you to help us on Instagram in our account called feed with 2m and if you do not have Instagram then encourage you to follow us because once a month we go to do a direct with all your doubts we are going to do it like this to be able to respond more quickly to all vue We have doubts about nutrition and we will notify you with a story on our Instagram so we encourage you to follow us then we are also sharing the article here on the youtube of food. In the article on YouTube.

How do I reset my diet after the holiday?

The first one is pink and she tells us I imagine that if I want to lose weight and eat everything is the same since the rest of the family needs to lose weight, I imagine that they would have to put more carbohydrates and protein on them, it is true So as not to make me different, it is pink that you can do the only thing that I recommend is that you reduce the oil in your preparations because carbohydrates are often the demons of our diet but we forget that the oil we use to cooking and the sauces that we can add are adding calories to our menu is not that you do not put yourself.

But you have to reduce it then to do this combining with the preparations for everyone because I would tell you that if you make a stew then you already count how many servings of this come out and put between half a tablespoon at most in that stew for everyone and also everyone will benefit from the fact that use a little less oil in the preparation of the family if you make a vegetable cream because you can make it with less oil or without putting it and then add the oil to your family on top and.

It also has more vitamins and you add the amount That you want it to always be a little less or I don’t know if you decide to fry or you decide to batter that they are preparations that we should control, you can do it on the grill or papillote or a simple microwave preparation and it would not be more work are the same food prepared differently ok then we have Michelle says Michelle that it is quite a lot that she eats a lot of salad based on lettuce and Tomato that she understands that they are low-calorie foods but that she has some doubts about whether.

LOSE WEIGHT AFTER SUMMER Lose weight in a healthy way after the holidays

How long does it take to lose weight after the holidays?

They can be too caloric, so it is important to say that as it is, no food makes Michelle fat but it is the excess of the total calories not adjusted to your expenditure what she can do Whether you gain weight or not, the vegetables themselves contain a lot of water because they are foods with few calories, so they are super important and recommended foods in weight-loss diets, they also provide a lot of cities, which also if you include it in the main meals you They will help to moderate you much more and associate easily with what I give you, I do not recommend.

That you freely consume vegetable foods in your main meals, perhaps here something that must be taken into account is to dress the salad as the line because as I commented then when the issue of oil sometimes we tend to add a lot and power to that which can make you e This is higher in calories but hey you can also take vegetable foods freely in your day to day as soon as the next question Ysabel asks us, hello, I work and last, Isabel tells us what she spends 10 hours inside a house and sitting 8 at Be careful then, a lady who tries to walk down the hall.


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But at the end of the day, because she ends up very late and cannot exercise her meals, she tries to do them well following a pattern but ends up very struggled and gains weight, so she asks for something, okay, Isabel It is true that when we work with long hours in the day we have very little time left to be able to do physical exercise when these situations are so important, very important is to put daily activity in that in those trips to work the work itself, which is what makes this a little giving you walks down the hall but.

How can I lose weight after Christmas?

I would tell you to try walking to work or biking or going up and down stairs or doing some flexions at home or get some exercise on your way or in your day-to-day life, then on rest days, so don’t stay on the couch all day because you’re tired, plan yourself there so you can go to the gym so you can do whatever be it a walk with friends or whatever it is well a little more intense more planned and that would be my advice, ok then we have Yovani who asks us a question that is to gain weight that we do well our topic but we will answer you anyway and Yovani tells us well because he is 38 years old.

Who is elected morpho this means that he is a person with a slim linear constitution and rather tall, it costs him too much to gain weight and currently weighs 75 kilos and it is impossible for him to reach 85 or not or even 80 so this affects him a lot and it is important for him because that we give him some advice because he wants to achieve this change in 5 months that he is going to see his mother and he wants her to do well, okay, they pr I want to tell you that good because of your constitution and as Juana said, it implies that you have good long limbs, height so?

That makes you have a fairly high energy expenditure and this must be covered or even surpassed with the intake so that little by little you can gain weight And maybe that’s where you can be sinning in quotes because the final one can every minimum, so let you do some in which between hours or it costs you to eat a lot during the day than that to do every minimum your intake looks like this because in a consultation we see that the Thinner people are also sometimes more nervous and sometimes their authors with whom Adriana explains a little.

How long lose water weight after holiday?

Then of course you will find in addition to your physiognomy, allow yourself to be disciplined with your intake, do it regularly, progressively increasing the amounts so that this weight gain can be achieved with continuity is worth Because of the constitution that you have, your weight gain will also be very homogeneous, the muscles will not be round, your muscles will always belong and linear. ways to remind you that we will leave you a link here so that you can access an article where we will talk a little more about the issue of gaining weight is what.

We do a article is worth next question that Antonio tells us that they have saved this summer about two kilos and a half and who wants to lose them and if he can more then that better than everything that makes him fat goes to his belly and stomach and this happens because his menstruation stopped a few years ago little by little he has She has been gaining weight and wanted to know how she can lose this excess, she tells us that she walks and lives static and that she also has Crohn’s disease and that it does not feel quite right for her. ntón.

It is already true that the decrease in estrogens favors the accumulation of fat at the abdominal level and that for women because it is also an issue what happens is that it decreases energy expenditure because a little muscle is also lost, good are many factors that make Like a cocktail for the woman after menopause to start to rise in the abdomen fundamentally as our energy expenditure decreases and today what I would advise you is that you try to lower a little food I know breakfast if you make 60 grams of cereal then Put on 40 and it’s done, it’s dairy, vegetable drink, well, put a little fewer ideas on yourself and that makes you hungrier or not, if you don’t get hungrier, you can make that decrease, okay, this is a tip, then another thing that happens is that as generally.