Introduction Of HOW TO START A DIET

HOW TO START A DIET. who is already measuring three months ago, decided to contact Alimenta to make a change in diet and lose weight, now look, it can open well and in this article, we want to explain or teach you the process that Mireia has taken and we also want to solve all those common doubts in that previous phase when considering diet changes or a weight loss plan this follow-up where they can see it look at them they can follow it on my Instagram account In the stories in the challenge the objective feeds and also on the web by Tirant having small I can about my conversion with the web of the singer list which is a web for singles or not singles.

How do Beginners start dieting?

Where you will find recommendations both for leisure fashion and also gastronomic that logically I hope healthy masses from now on and you can see it there you can see anything goes so what we will do is a kind of test not lie asking questions, look at what answering for and that way everyone will get to know you a little better we started [Applause] ah then the first question confesses how many miracle quotes I had tried before coming to the beginning because I trust you because you think you are doing well and also lose weight quickly and then continue and then because.

I wanted and why do you suddenly decide to say I need a change and I want to do it on the exact day for one of the New Year’s resolutions but the truth is that I have been thinking for a long time or that is this has to Change this cannot be like this there is something you are doing wrong so it is no longer a question of bricks and I did not want to live on a diet I wanted to live well and know how to ask the question that was on your list of pros before deciding to contact an anti-Zionist, In the end, I contacted because I wanted to know how to eat, for me it was important to know.

What I was doing wrong, which is not eating well, eating poorly but simply knowing what happened and know how it was done well who marks him as a measurement and well the cons you had in the face of the so-called Waco dietician will say and what they were, well, I imagined it would be the typical boring diet of boiled potato with vegetables or university with paint or eat grilled chicken all day grilled fish and nothing else until it was going to be super boring and that put me off a bit eating boring and well, for example, once you came to my office the first time.

How do I get serious about losing weight?

We had She is sincere, sometimes she puts the first feelings you had when you came out of it because I thought about what she is talking about and that is power the diet of the plate is a potato that is a hydrate that is vegetable protein is my topic all this and that I am going to make the food that I have and right now in the fridge and once I have a second visit here so I will have the plan a little more personalized and more concrete and what were your first impressions? It seemed easier than I thought and that it was going to be good for me, that is, something positive, not in these three months that we have already been following up, which is what you think has cost you the most to change.

What has changed me the most? It is still difficult for me to do the planning for more than a week and to know that it combines with what and adapt it as I like it little by little I have worked on it and for example if we go a little to the most positive part what has surprised you the most what change do you think it cost you less than you expected after combining with my life with my day to day and then seeing that everything is easier and richer than I thought and well now if we specify a little which is the main one change that you have noticed the most in this whole process because the change that I think I have made that surprises me the most is the attitude because in the end.

Now it is because I am doing things I know when I do something wrong but he did not blame me many times for it and e my day to day has evolved I am in another attitude that I did not have before and learning every day the fact is the most constant being more aware of what you are eating that is an important very classic and very common question that the scale is I do not have a scale nor am I going to buy it better, you are the one who wears the pants designed so that I get trapped better so I think that the best scale is the knees.

What are the 9 Rules to lose weight?

What I use to see myself to assess the change very well Another question It is very common sincere that you go hungry with the lack that I will give you I love to eat and then also that I have not stopped eating some food I have stopped eating that is I have not stopped taking any food I simply continue to be more aware of how I was taking it or I have taken it in another quantity, for example, I love pasta, now I have not stopped taking it, I took it in less quantity and then, for example, I am very interested in achieving or enjoying eating This way a lot and the truth is that with your recipes.

It also helps a lot to enjoy the food, you learn and it is all delicious at the end, you are not going to eat what I used to eat you and you thought it was rich but now like another way and it is rich too until it is already one last question to finish and I think that it is also important you are encouraged to continue with this process if the truth is the south but encouraged because the process is making it very easy to adopt the measure too so let’s continue for him as well We have finished this test with the super positive cream, so I do have a couple of doubts.

That has arisen as a result of the questions I asked you before and I would like us to finish completing, for example at the beginning we commented that you have made many typical previous appointments what will ‘miracle diets’ be or what were these diets like I had done the juice diets and they belonged to everyone and I had also made protein spoons and why do you think that they have not worked for you they have not helped you because I do not know because they will not be as miraculous as I am that they gave me a pile are you say that they do not teach you how to eat and at the end.

Can I stop eating to lose weight?

The arts for a while when you left behind what happens you already I had returned to do what is already left before in the super restrictive units that cannot be maintained say it because they are not compatible with this the life of this life that we have and now that is why they are done that we will be abandoning them and then I also commented that It is not very cooked that we work I open it to the fact that I did not know how to cook I did not cook and that this is important, for example, knowing how to cook for such a plan is important to know how to cook.

What you teach me is to combine them in food because Many times, for example, I do not have legumes because I did not know where to put them, the peas, you eat them in a boring way and with the days when I would have found how to cook them or where to produce them in the oven. In your case, you cook less because you also have a lot of social life, eat out a lot and in the end, you want an art that is more, they cook less I think, for example, eating out many times a week is incompatible with a weight loss plan or a change of diet is not being incompatible for me, in the end, I choose a restaurant that adapts to my new way of eating we have discovered a list of restaurants that you can see and.

I try if I can go to those to eat in my day to day because I It is turning out to be better, healthier and it combines perfectly with my diet the same and then also at the beginning we talked about that at that first sight you came out with many doubts and well my question would be if they are all resolved, do you start and if this pressure is worth it so if it throws you a question such as, for example, if you could explain the method to me, the dish would you encourage, of course, the market for small dishes, the fried dish is half vegetables, a quarter of a leg Umbres and another four of it the general protein that can be animal or vegetable that remains depending on the month.