How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels on Keto

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels on Keto
How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels on Keto

Introduction of How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels on Keto

Let me first come right out and say the main thing you want to watch when you’re doing keto is your triglyceride levels if your triglyceride levels are going high you may want to consider backing off how much fat you’re consuming on a ketogenic diet and I will go ahead right out and say again that it’s not a huge deal to have lower amounts of fat and higher amounts of protein on keto and more veggies everyone seems to think that you need to load up on tons and tons and tons of fat okay so anyhow.

What can you eat on keto to lower cholesterol?

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That link down below will save you 25 off of membership as well as get you a gift so do check them out after this article if you just want to kind of I don’t know go grocery shopping without having to go to the grocery store so check them out first things first and you’re going to hate me for this if your cholesterol is high you may want to just consider cutting down saturated fat a little bit not getting rid of it but it’s just you have to remember how the body works okay saturated fat when it is in the bloodstream it is going to make it so that at for a temporary amount of time the receptors the LDL receptors in your liver are occupied okay what that means is that for a little while after consumption of saturated fat or if you’re consuming a lot of.

If you might find that well your LDL levels stay elevated because they’re never getting a chance to dock at the LDL receptor at the liver level so what that means is you’re going to see a higher level of LDL that you know I could talk about how that’s not a big deal unless it’s oxidized and yadda but the reality is is for a lot of people especially in America like if you’re sedentary and if your diet isn’t really clean even on keto that LDL can become oxidized and if you’re exposed to a lot of inflammatory stressors within the body and within life then that absolutely the longer that LDL is floating around in the system the more likely it is to become oxidized.

How long does it take to lower cholesterol on keto?

We don’t want that to happen so I mean ways around that yeah if you’re going to consume more saturated fats exercise as much as you can not burn off the saturated fats but get things mobilized and to get that process moving a little bit more but I think one of the better things that you could do is saturated fat really shouldn’t be making up more than I would say on the high end like 30 of your fat calories okay like preferably a little bit lower and it’s not because too much-saturated fat is bad it’s because what happens if you eat too much saturated fat is you take up the majority of your fat with saturated fat and you don’t have enough room for the good fats which I’m going to get into some very interesting stuff right now activating par the fat-adaptation nuclear receptor is what.

We need to do okay consuming a bunch of fats when you are not fat adapted is a recipe for disaster that’s why when you look at the standard American diet they say it’s high fat so it’s bad they’re not wrong it is bad because it’s high fat but it’s also high fat in conjunction with carbs and the problem is that these people are not fat adapted at all because they’re never giving their body a chance to run solely on these fats so they’re not fat adapted okay they’re carb adapted but they have fats added in so the fats, therefore, do cause a problem okay if you look at a study that was published in the journal nature medicine.

It showed that activating par okay the activation of the fat-adaptation like protein okay that activation led to the removal of cholesterol from what are called atherosclerotic foam cells okay atherosclerotic foam cells are the macrophages the white blood cells that are in our arteries that attract cholesterol and then form a foamy-like substance that can yes clog our arteries and it’s bad it is a big problem and I get a little bit tired of the ketogenic community like sweeping that under the rug because it doesn’t matter if you’re keto or not like being ketosis doesn’t absolve you of your duties to take care of your vascular system and your circulatory system in your heart so.

Does keto mean high cholesterol?

We just have to look at things a little bit differently so how we activate par is of course like I said through like things like exercise fasted exercise gets you there ridiculously fast and I’m not saying that this is like going to change everything for you it might be that game-changer that you need but it’s not going to fix everything but the more that we can adapt to using fats the better now why did I lead off this whole saturated fat thing well because when you have too much-saturated fat it prevents you from having monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which are so critical for par activation we need that to get fat adapted.

If you eat just a bunch of saturated fat you don’t activate par as much so less about the circulating LDL and more about the inability to consume the fats that are doing some really good stuff with fat adaptation and ultimately the removal of the cholesterol from the atherosclerotic foam cells there was a study published in the journal advances in nutrition it demonstrated I talked about this in another article it demonstrated that polyunsaturated fats from things like fish oil were by far the best activator of the nuclear receptor par I mean we have to be having that activation not to mention from a fat loss perspective you want to be fat-adapted like.

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels on Keto

What is the fastest way to lower bad cholesterol?

It’s absolutely what you want it gives your body the machinery the transport mechanisms cd36 the fat translocation systems all that the ability to activate so we can burn more fat than a brand spanking new 2021 bmc sports science medicine rehabilitation journal which I talked about in another another article as well demonstrated in this brand spanking new that when subjects just consumed 2 000 milligrams of omega-3 didn’t even take much they ended up having 3x the activation of ppar alpha compared to those.

That ate the same diet without the omega-3s so if you sub out a lot of your saturated fat for polyunsaturated fat from fish it can have a i mean that’s no surprise right it’s still it applies whether you’re keto it applies with your standard american it applies whether you’re paleo like it’s the same thing but monounsaturated fats there is a tremendous body of research as things like olive oil and avocado oil as a ligand for ppa or alpha a ligand is something.