How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency

How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency
How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency

Introduction Of How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency

How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency?  Which is a mattress itself I use the topper just because I like my mattress and I didn’t want to get rid of it but it’s cool because I get up in the morning and I can check where I’m at with my heart rate variability I can check what my respiration rate was and it’s pretty darn accurate like I cross-reference my data with my continuous glucose I’m a super nerd with this stuff but it’s also a heating and cooling topper or mattress so that means that it can regulate and determine how hot it is outside and cool your mattress a little bit so you stay in the right cycles of sleep not to mention.

How often should you fast per week?

It tells me what my rem sleep was like what my deep sleep was like how many times I woke up how much I was tossing and turning honestly is money well spent they are a sponsor a supporter of this channel and I’m on somewhat of their advisory board and kind of help them out with stuff especially as it pertains to fasting and everything like that but there is a link down below that can also save you some cashola if you want to try them out so that link is down below in the description make sure you check out eight sleep after this trust me you won’t regret it so to take a look at heart rate variability cortisol we have to look at the study.

How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency
How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency

That was published in the European Journal of clinical nutrition this looked at a 48-hour fast now a 48-hour fast is a little bit more extreme than what maybe just the regular average joe is doing but it still shows us the data now it’s interesting if you look at the chart that’s popped up in the screen and I’ve shown this in other before day one you have the normal spike in cortisol, but then it kind of comes down just because you’re the beginning of a fast there’s no real you know stressor but day two cortisol levels spike in the morning like they’re supposed to and then they just stay elevated well that is a good thing when we’re fasting because it’s what we want but we don’t necessarily want chronically high levels of cortisol and then it kind of like goes down a little bit on day three.

 Intermittent fast, how many days in a week?

What’s interesting though is that most of us aren’t doing like regular 48-hour fast I know there are people out there but the vast majority of people fasting are doing intermittent fasting where they’re fasting for less than one day so you might be looking at this saying well I guess I’m not going to have to deal with a cortisol issue well the cortisol issue comes into play with repetitive fasting there still is a cumulative load so like when you look at how much you fast and how frequently you fast sure eventually you’re going to end up having elevated levels of cortisol because that is going to become a pattern of the caloric deficit now you can’t always look at your cortisol levels.

What you should be looking at is your heart rate variability now this same study measured heart rate variability and I’ll explain what that is and why this is applicable and why you should probably be looking at it and also give you some sort of pragmatic solutions here, if you look at the European general clinical nutrition study you find that heart rate variability goes along the same trajectory as cortisol does when cortisol goes up heart rate variability goes down now what is heart rate variability quickly in a nutshell heart rate variability measures like the intervals between your heartbeats and it sort of measures the variability in between those so.

How many days should I be fasting?

If you have just a little bit of variability kind of in-between then you’re going to have low heart rate variability if you have high levels of variability you’re going to have high heart rate variability we want higher heart rate variability that indicates that we are ready to repair we’re in the parasympathetic nervous system we’re in the rest and repair rest in digest mode, if our heart rate variability is low we are in much more of a stressed sympathetic nervous system response like if we’re sleep deprived if we’re starving if we’re super stressed out if we’re nervous right but the nice thing is heart rate variability gives us a bigger picture and a lagging indicator of what.

The previous days are aggregating to now whereas even testing your cortisol levels in blood or saliva form are going to tell you just a snapshot in time right now it doesn’t necessarily tell you what you were at days prior so I like hrv because it’s that lagging indicator I kind of compare it to measuring your hba1c when you’re looking at glucose it’s like a bigger picture of where you stand kind of in a few day periods so what you will find is if you do longer fast your have your heart rate variability will drop because you’re stressed out so your recovery goes down and that’s kind of a given we don’t like to admit it but it is a given when we fast too much.

How often should you do a 24 hour fast?

We stress ourselves out and our recovery goes down so you can use your hrv data to know like when the best time to fast is when the best time to not fast is and I’ve talked about that in others too but people have been asking like what is the right hrv number well your number is going to be very specific to you it makes a lot more sense to compare your bio-individual have data to your data in time than it does to compare it to a universal value what I mean by that is if I went out and sprinted right now and I measured my hrv tomorrow and I saw that my hrv went down dramatically I’d know that sprint was a stressor to me if three months from now.

How Often Should You Be Fasting Using HRV to Determine Frequency

I do that same sprint and I don’t have the same hrv drop my hr goes up then I’m saying that is a great indicator that I have adapted well and that is a data point in time that I am looking at whereas if you start looking at universal values you’re going to throw yourself off so compare to yourself and the other thing is that my hrv usually sits between 80 and 90. my wife sits between like 100 and 115 that doesn’t mean that she is a more relaxed person than me that means that that is her value.

I have my value I compare my relative data to my relative data and she compares her relative data to her relative data so don’t compare yourself to others but you can use hrv to determine am getting uh too much fasting in and again since we look at the european journal of clinical nutrition study we see cortisol levels and hrv go or hrv goes down cortisol goes up with a 48 hour fast but not so much with a 16 or a 24 hour fast you can kind of compile your data by looking at your hrv.