High Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better

High Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better
High Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better

Introduction Of High Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better

High-Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better. How do they affect us so should you be eating cuts of meat that have copious amounts of fat on it or should you be eating leaner cuts of meat and I’m going to address the three common sorts of discussions and even arguments that come through this now I’m going to come right out and share my opinion but it’s just my opinion okay I’m some guy on the internet sure I’ve had success with my diet sure but the end of the day you have to do what works for you but anyhow I am a fan of consuming leaner cuts of meat and adding my fats in from sources that I can control now let me tell you the main reason behind.

What meat is best for fat loss?

This and it has nothing to do with the quality of fats per se the primary reason is this if you take two of the same cuts of high-fat meat say you take one six-ounce ribeye from one store and one six-ounce ribeye from another store there is a very good chance that the amount of fat in each ribeye is going to be significantly different right like one might have a thick ribbon of fat one might have a thin ribbon of fat and it’s not always easy to see with the naked eye so the bottom line is the delta between the two can be significantly higher than you think one might have 20 grams of fat and another might have 40 grams of fat right and it is kind of difficult to see and at the end of the day fat yields 9 calories per gram.

High Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better
High Fat VS Lean Meat for Fat Loss | Which is Better

So every time we have you know five or ten extra grams of fat that we don’t know are there or we think it’s about right we’re talking a copious amount of calories that can throw us off so my primary reason for usually going leaner cuts of meat is because I can control the fat that I am getting into my body in terms of quantity easier now full and separate aside from anything else, hey so the number of fats can make a big difference in how much we consume like calories at the end of the day but let’s talk about another piece of the equation okay let’s say for example you cannot get your hands on super high-quality meat well we do know that.

Can you lose weight eating lean meat?

A lot of times the omega-6 fatty acids that are going to be in meat are going to be in the fat right typically when you’re doing keto or just in general it’s better to keep your omega-6 profile a little bit lower now there is the argument that when you go for like a good quality grass-fed grass-finished meat you’re going to have better profiles of omega-3s but let’s address the elephant in the room here, okay the omega-3 content of meat is negligible, to begin with, granted having good amounts of omega-3 in your land-based meat is a good thing it’s better than omega-6 is but even a quote-unquote high omega-3 rich meat is going to be not.

That much omega-3s and the omega-3s that are in it are usually what is called ala alpha-linolenic acid which has to go through a pretty rigorous conversion process in your body to become a usable form of omega-3, to begin with, is that saying that grass-fed grass finish is bad no heck no okay you are getting much in my opinion you are getting a much better tasting meat and a much better fatty acid profile in my opinion right now there’s a lot of evidence that kind of suggests both directions but when you’re consuming a lot of grain-fed meat you don’t necessarily know what is going into the fat it can be a little bit more difficult to control right so my reasoning behind leaner cuts of meat is it allows me to control the fats.

What are the healthier meats higher in fat?

That I am bringing in right so again let’s say we take two different cuts of meat okay or two the same cut of meat excuse me two rib eyes again one comes from one farm one comes from another we don’t know what the fatty acid profile is there’s no way for us to know we don’t know exactly what those cows are eating so it’s questionable what kind of fat we are getting in right so that leads us to well okay maybe it’s better to be able to have a leaner cut of meat and then cook with the kind of fats or add.


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The kind of fats that we want to control I do not care if you’re using some kind of nut oil or a macadamia oil or a plant-based oil or using ghee or using good quality lard what I care about is that you are in control of a how much fat you’re putting on it but b the kind of fat there are times where I don’t want to have a lot of saturated fat so it makes way more sense for me to have that lean fillet and then maybe drizzle a little bit of avocado oil on it or cook it with a little avocado oil or cook it with a little bit of macadamia nut oil right that way I’m getting my fats but I’m able to measure and I’m able to see okay I want a polyunsaturated fat right now I want a monounsaturated fat.

I do want saturated fat but at least I want to control what kind of saturated fat I get it’s not saying that eating a fatty cut of meat is bad I’m not saying that I just mean if you want utter control over your diet it makes a lot of sense okay you can choose and don’t get me wrong I will choose a fatty cut of meat now and then and when you look at grass-fed grass-finished meat a lot of times even the fattier cuts are leaner so like grass-fed grass-finished beef is generally you’re probably going to find it’s leaner than a more feedlot oriented beef right in the same cut by the way in terms of shopping for beef and meat I recommend butcher box.

What is the healthiest meat you can eat?

So whether you’re going for a fatty cut or a lean cut they are utilizing grass-fed grass finish meat and I’m a big fan of them I ever did on my channel was with them because I trusted them so there is a link down below in the description that way you can get meat delivered to your doorstep there’s also a link so that you can check out.

The kinds of meat that I like my favorites list and things like that so that link is down below in the description and you can get meat delivered to your doorstep fatty cuts lean cuts fish chicken you name it all through butcher box so again thank you butcher box and make sure you check them out down below using that special link person out there on the internet are saying that lean meat is going to spike your insulin and cause a problem so in the world of like insulin resistance insulin sensitivity and all that somewhere along the lines it’s become a little bit viral that well okay if you eat lean meat you’re going to have a big insulin spike I’ve talked about this in other.

But maybe you haven’t seen those so let’s address it here any kind of insulin spike that you have from meat whether it is coming from a lean meat which yes it is going to be higher or from a fatty cut of meat and yes it is going to be lower because the fat’s going to slow down the digestion it doesn’t matter it is a moot point it is irrelevant because protein spikes glucagon 2 and your insulin glucagon ratio stays the same so i’ll break it down really quick when you consume protein it spikes your insulin so that the protein can get into storage okay the protein needs to get into the cell to allow muscle protein synthesis to occur this is very important well.