Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly

Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly
Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly

Introduction of Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly

Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly. periodic intense bouts of intermittent fasting are going to be very effective when it comes down to isolating visceral fat and the reason behind that is pretty simple at least when you look at the research our visceral fat contains a high amount of beta-3 adrenergic receptors which respond well to the adrenaline spikes that occur as a result of fasting you see we can look at a few different things for one there was a study that’s published in the journal Metabolism that found that we have more of those beta-3 adrenergic receptors in our visceral fat is the fat that is underneath.

Will fasting burn visceral fat?

We don’t typically see it okay unless someone is like has a big pot belly that protrudes or anything like that you don’t always see it okay but it’s still there and if you have a lot of visceral fat then it can contribute to a fatty liver because it’s so close to the liver it can contribute to insulin issues where you’re not able to process carbohydrates as well anyway the list goes on and on not to mention the leaking of inflammatory cytokines but the reason that fasting has such a powerful effect is that fasting spikes your adrenaline fasting spikes catecholamines but only if it is an acute stressor when fasting becomes chronic and we just get hooked on fasting all the time that’s.

When it doesn’t have as much of an effect there we still just kind of get the caloric restriction effect but we don’t get the shock the wow factor that allows us to activate those receptors and activate that fat more after this article I want you to check out thrive market okay they are a sponsor of this article a sponsor of this w they are awesome so if you’re doing any kind of dietary intervention like you’re changing how you’re eating they are your place to go because they have a good selection of better for you foods but it’s all neatly categorized so if you don’t want to go to the grocery store and you don’t want to try to like scour for the right kinds of foods and things like that thrive market is.

Where you should go honestly that’s what I use my pantry is stocked full of things from thrive market and it makes it easy because I can sort by keto I can sort by all kinds of different whatever I’m doing that particular week if I’m experimenting so that link is down below and there is a 25 off link for you to check out thrive market as well as get a gift when you utilize that link so checks them out and get your groceries delivered to your doorstep and make life easier so our body has what’s called the general adaptation system, okay and it’s the job of the general adaptation system to adapt to a stressor fasting no matter which way you spin it is a stressor depriving ourselves of calories.

Can I lose my belly fat by fasting?

That’s a stressor so the first response is going to be an acute fight or flight response so the second that your body realizes wait a minute this guy’s not feeding me what’s going on you’re going to have this adrenaline spike that sort of shocks your body at first and it’s the job of that adrenaline to wake you up so you go and hunt and find food okay then the second phase is where your body sort of finds resistance where it says okay I’ve adapted to this I’m going to go ahead and resolve the issue a little bit we understand there’s a stressor but I’m going to resolve it then there’s the exhaustion phase which is if you let it go too far you end up in kind of this big issue of exhaustion.

Where your body can’t even keep up but we’re not going to talk about that one most of us when we are intermittent fasting we are kind of sitting in that resistance phase we’ve had the acute stressor and then we get adapted to intermittent fasting and we continue on our merry lives because it’s a great style of eating it’s a great eating pattern I love intermittent fasting but it has to continue to be this acute stressor if we want to have the effect of visceral fat being burned okay since we have such a high concentration of beta-3 adrenergic receptors within our visceral fat all we need is a quick spike of adrenaline to activate them and because there are so many more receptors.

Because those glucocorticoid receptors are there we don’t need a long spike one quick spike is enough to trigger it’s like a big lever all we have to do is pull that lever one time hard and it’s almost more like a trebuchet or a catapult and it’s just gonna signal that lipolysis to occur at the visceral fat level but the moment that fasting becomes the norm our adrenaline spike is not nearly as high we still get it don’t get me wrong but we have to start pushing it longer or we have to start adding more exercise in to get that stressor out of it and I think we forget that fasting shouldn’t become easy I mean on one hand we want it to be easy because.

Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly
Fasting Directly Impacts Visceral Fat Loss Pot Belly

Can intermittent fasting cause belly fat loss?

It makes life easier and I get that but we also want it to be a stressor it’s like with high-intensity interval training it’s almost like you should think of your intermittent fasting as high-intensity interval fasting because with the training you want to have a high-intensity spike and then recover a high-intensity spike and then recover there was a study that was published in the journal frontiers of physiology that I talked about in a specific training article that was just that it was like subjects that did six-second sprints ended up burning more visceral fat or as much versatile fat as people that were doing longer three or four-minute intervals.

But for longer periods so basically people that were sprinting for 20 minutes just in an interval fashion versus people that were cycling at a higher sort of uh intensity for 47 minutes the sprinters because the intensity was so much higher in the acute six-second phase their adrenaline spikes were higher I want you to think of your fasting in that category too your fasting should be difficult so what do you do in between your fasting then well in between the days that you’re not fasting you should be eating relatively normal maybe follow a healthy eating pattern that you want to do maybe it’s keto paleo vegan vegetarian I don’t care but your calories should be relatively normal so that.

Intermittent fasting is the shock to the system and continues to spike your adrenaline nice and high that being said lower more sustained spikes of adrenaline like more kind of a gentle bell curve can have a powerful effect on subcutaneous fat just not as much on visceral fat okay so if you wanted to do like periodic fasting where you went a little bit longer where you’re not getting this just intense adrenaline spike sure that’s still going to be great for fat loss but remember the biggest lever that we could pull is by having these short intense bouts and now 16 hours of fasting when you first start fasting feels like an eternity.

Does fasting get rid of fat cells?

It feels long right you feel hungry you feel pretty darn starving and you feel like you’re burning fat your tummy is rumbling you feel fatigued and a lot of that is a result of just yes your body is in shock one of the things that we also have to look at is because visceral fat is so close to the liver if you do fasting periodically and you just allow it to be a shock those fatty acids can liberate from the visceral fat and they are closer to the liver because the visceral fat is right there and they can go to the liver and they can form ketones even faster so because you’re doing this as an acute stressor you can knock yourself into a ketogenic state within your fast a little bit better so.

There are some interesting people out there that will say like intermittent fasting can harm visceral fat a lot of times what it can do is it can allow fat to go through sort of a staging area of visceral fat first because that staging area of visceral fat is so much closer to the liver it’s easier if your body gets adapted to fasting to sort of liberate fat from the visceral fat to be used as fuel so don’t get that misconstrued with your body like storing visceral fat it’s just kind of you can have that liberation occurring from the visceral fat first and then potential sort of deposition there afterwards.