Do Spicy Foods Help with Fat Loss

Do Spicy Foods Help with Fat Loss
Do Spicy Foods Help with Fat Loss

Introduction Of Do Spicy Foods Help with Fat Loss

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Do spicy foods help burn fat

They did this for 12 weeks and at the end of 12 weeks they took a look at the results and they found that the group that had the capsids that had the chili that had the spicy stuff well they didn’t have any change in their weight but their central adiposity levels had decreased so their body had changed they had less fat in the abdomen but they also found that there was no change in resting energy expenditure it didn’t change how many calories they burned at rest but it changed how much fat they used as fuel.

This is interesting something’s going on there where it’s shifting in gear making the body oxidize fat more instead of glucose well this would be a little bit inconclusive if we didn’t have another study to kind of reinforce and understand what’s going on so this next study was published in the journal nutrition very similar this one took a look at subjects and they gave them nine milligrams of now with this they found there was a tremendous increase in whole-body energy expenditure meaning their resting metabolic rate increased but it only increased in people that already had higher levels of brown fat I’ll explain that in a second the other people.

Does eating spicy food make you fat?

That didn’t have high levels of brown fat it didn’t do anything to them it was negligible so hot peppers made it so that people with brown fat were able to burn more whereas people that didn’t have much brown fat it didn’t have an effect so yes hot peppers absolutely can’t stimulate thermogenesis you just have to have existing stores of brown fat which I’ll explain in just a second because brown fat is going to be fat that has a lot of mitochondrial density and it has a lot of.


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What is called uncoupling proteins what this means is that it’s a mechanism for our body to protect us when we have brown fat to protect us when it gets cold we can dissipate energy as heat and it’s a kind of inefficiency that helps keep us warm in a weird way so it’s very interesting and that’s why a lot of people that are exposed to cold end up developing more brown fat but hear me out because there’s an interesting mechanism let me explain how this works this has to do with what is called trpv1 receptors these are expressed in our gut and these receptors will send a signal up the vagus nerve towards our brain so we have a vagus nerve.

What foods help burn fat?

That goes from our gut to our brain and the efferent nerves which go from the gut to the brain get stimulated by something spicy and then what ends up happening is they end up running through what is called a beta-3 adrenergic receptor a beta-3 adrenergic receptor is what allows fat burning and thermogenesis to occur when stimulated by adrenaline-like so when we’re working out or when we’re fasting or when we’re scared and our adrenaline spikes we burn a lot of fat but it’s running that way through.

The beta 3 adrenergic receptor if you ever pay attention when you eat something spicy you almost do get an adrenaline rush so could there be an adrenaline activation possibly but that’s somewhat secondary to the fact that we are directly activating beta-3 adrenergic receptors independent of any kind of cold exposure or any kind of another stressor so we’re activating these trpv1 receptors that are sending sort of a shock of the vagus nerve and activating this mechanism that is allowing us to create more heat but.

We have to have more brown fat now than others on how to get more brown fat like how to turn white fat into brown fat so i’m going to spare a lot of the details in this but I’ll give you kind of in a nutshell mct oil can be a big player there green tea is a huge player there so if you consume green tea it has lots of properties of browning white fat turning white fat into brown fat so you could get a benefit from spicy food then add things like turmeric have been having to increase uncoupling one components of white fat so basically making it.