Costco Keto Breakfast Ideas Keto Haul 3 Recipes

Costco Keto Breakfast Ideas Keto Haul 3 Recipes
Costco Keto Breakfast Ideas Keto Haul 3 Recipes

Introduction Of Costco Keto Breakfast Ideas Keto Haul 3 Recipes

Costco Keto Breakfast Ideas Keto Haul 3 Recipes. The best eggs that you want to go for organic pasture-raised the vitamin d content in eggs from hens that have been outside being four to five times higher than conventional eggs or just regular cage-free so when they’re out in a pasture and they’re out in the sun they get vitamin d the hen gets vitamin d and it passes to the egg and vitamin d is a hormone it is critical for body fat reduction it is critical for testosterone it is critical for all kinds of different things.

What Keto food does Costco have?

What happens in the human body and the more overweight that you are the more that your body sequesters vitamin d in the fat so these I feel comfortable eating the entire egg some eggs I would say only eat the yolk but anyway this one is a great egg okay let’s find what else we want to put in them we’re going to walk over one of the things I like to put in eggs that I feel just rounds out the fatty acid profile of what you need in a keto breakfast super well is going to be some smoked salmon, okay you may or may not like it.

I can give you some alternatives but at least that way we’re getting the omega-3s in so we’re going to pop right over and grab that all right here we go perfect so in this case, I’ve talked about this before going for the sockeye go for the wild smoked sockeye salmon okay sake deeper rich red color rich in what’s called astaxanthin and that astaxanthin is a very antioxidant-rich fish, okay it’s or a compound excuse me so this is a very antioxidant-rich fish so we’re gonna get that I’ll usually put like two or three uh good slices in it with my eggs it’s like a real Mediterranean style thing uh fun fact just while I’m here this shrimp ceviche is phenomenal too and it’s keto-friendly.

If you want to have something kind of different for breakfast it’s not bad somehow let’s move along also just look at the difference in paleness right with the Norwegian you want the deeper red always go for that and then what breakfast is complete without some bacon right so let’s go find something that we could use in the way of Costco bacon or Costco sausages let’s go fun fact I will mention this kielbasa sausage is amazing I’m going to grab the one you could put this in breakfast I need this for my own house I have a while eating a massive sausage in the parking lot of Costco.

How do you make Costco breakfast sandwiches?

It shows you how much I love that you could use that as your breakfast sausage but kielbasa sausage is not exactly like that breakfasty taste right what is it about breakfast sausage that has that unique taste it’s usually like a hint of sort of maple flavor it’s a lot of Mediterranean style spices a lot of times you’ll see like oregano you’ll see some rosemary you’ll see those kinds of flavors that’s what gives it that breakfasty flavor so I know in the frozen section there are some acceptable options so let’s go take a look all so Costco has expanded their bacon selection which is always nice to see they have this tinder belly bacon which is great it’s a paleo certified bacon.


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They have two different kinds looks like they only have one right now so uncured bacon and let me show you what makes this sun so good no antibiotics ever which is unusual for pork okay usually you do find antibiotics in pork paleo-friendly which doesn’t mean a whole lot but no nitrites or nitrates which is phenomenally good and then let’s see what we got here in the way of ingredients pork belly spices sea salt and celery powder look at that pork belly spices sea salt and celery powder that is what we get and what I always say when you’re choosing bacon okay I love seeing a big thick ribbon of saturated fat there that sounds bad but the reason that.

Does Costco have keto buns?

I like that is because it means that we’re going to have less of the polyunsaturated fat that can weave in it just means that when you cook it it’s going to render off a little bit easier and it’s not going to denature so when you cook bacon the saturated fat remains stable what happens is other fats monounsaturated fats polyunsaturated fats when you cook them they denature that’s why they say don’t cook olive oil with high heat right a perfectly good fat becomes a little bit denatured and goes through what’s called lipid peroxidation so with bacon it seems kind of crazy but you want thicker ribbons like.

That I know saturated fat is not the best thing in the world I’m not gonna lie I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything you really should keep saturated fat to like 15 to 20 percent of your total fat calories on a keto diet but with bacon, it’s the one kind of exception you want to make sure because you’re going to cook it at a high heat right okay and then I have talked about this product this is a great one this works super well in omelets so if you were making these eggs with an omelet or like just weren’t scrambling I wanted to have some cheese and stuff like that make an omelet this vegetable melange you’ve probably seen it on my Instagram stories and stuff before I love it because.

It’s brussels sprouts brown mushrooms red onions red yellow bell peppers with a little bit of olive oil it’s super keto-friendly and it is a great blend of just the kinds of fibers and things that you want so what we have here is we have brussels sprouts which are a cruciferous vegetable so they’re rich in what’s called sulforaphane then we have these red bell peppers which also have a specific kind of I always butcher that it’s like leucocytes enzyme inhibitors so basically these red bell peppers can inhibit some of the carb absorption not.

Is Costco bacon Keto?

There’s a lot of carbs in this anyway but the big one that I like here we got the red onions with the prebiotic fibers and we have the mushrooms with the beta-glucans let me tell you something so wicked cool about mushrooms and beta-glucan beta-glucans are 250 000 glucose molecules bound together they’re bound together so tight and we lack the enzyme to break them down but our microbiome has the enzyme to break or can break them down so what happens is.

We don’t digest them we don’t get those glucose molecules but our gut does and when our gut gets those gets to break that down our gut feeds on it and it provides our gut with a tremendous prebiotic fuel that does not affect us as far as blood sugar and things like that so it’s a cool thing I’m huge on the gut microbiome when it comes down to anything related to keto that is like I think that’s the piece that people miss okay because they get rid of the food they get rid of their vegetables they get rid of the whole foods they do they start going back to like processed foods because easy with keto take care of your gut and people ask about like a probiotic and stuff all the time.

I do recommend on keto that you take probiotics especially in the first like 6 to 12 months as you’re re-stabilizing the one that I recommend is called seed I put a link down below they’re a sponsor on this channel so big thank you to them but the cool thing is it’s called a symbiotic so it has both prebiotics and probiotics and has a capsule inside of a capsule so if you look at the footage right now capsule inside of a capsule so it has sort of a delayed uh response where it can have staging in terms of how it works in your gut super cool they are pioneering so much of the research in terms of microbiome these days and because will save you 15 off of that daily symbiotic.

Can you eat rotisserie chicken on keto?

So again you use that code down below using that link you’ll save 50 off that daily symbiotic from seed if you use that Thomas links down below so again big thank you to the big thank you to you try them out okay let’s move on okay so here we’ve got what we’re making here got our bacon we got our veggies we got our smoked salmon we got our possible kielbasa sauce whoop possible kill bottled sauces and now some smashed eggs okay so there’s a couple of pieces that are missing here in terms of what you would want to do right how are you going to cook the eggs okay you scramble them to make an omelet whatever use avocado oil or ghee, okay g-h-e-e ghee is clarified butter or essentially clarified butter.

Where they get rid of all the milk solids you’re left with just pure milk fat can cook at a high heat so I would do that okay or avocado oil additionally with the bacon you don’t need to add any additional fat to it but some studies demonstrate if you do cook the bacon with a tiny bit of avocado oil it can reduce what is called the heterocyclic amines which is what can happen when you cook bacon at a high temperature that can potentially be a carcinogen the studies are kind of bleak but people ask okay if you wanted to add some cheese I highly recommend using goat cheese is rich in MCT’s.

We could go get some but why waste the time I can just tell you add some goat cheese to it okay and there you have it right the one thing you do want to do is you may want to cook up the veggies a little bit first because since they’re frozen what can happen is a lot of the water and stuff that’s in them is going to make the eggs a little extra like weird and it’s going to make them almost not curdled but they’re going to come kind of weird you want to cook these roast them get them a little bit drier and then place them in your omelet close to last along with the cheese.