Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness

Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness
Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness

Introduction of Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness

Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness? we look at the whole body we look at like inflammatory markers in the body we see oh well if inflammation is potentially high in the body then there’s a chance it’s going to be high in the joint too and that might be your more isolated area of stiffness possibly even pain okay when you look at the population there is a public health report that indicated that like 20 percent of the population is dealing with arthritis okay that’s a good chunk of people and not all of them are necessarily having like a clinical diagnosis of.

Why do my joints hurt after eating certain foods?

It so like that joint stiffness and everything like that it probably warrants making some choices with your diet to I don’t know feel a little bit better as far as your inflammatory signals go so interestingly enough there was a study that was published in the journal pain medicine took a look at 65 to 75-year-olds and for 12 weeks had them go on either a low carb protocol or a low fat protocol okay and the low carb protocol ended up having lower levels of reactive oxygen species that resulted in lower levels of like joint stiffness and potentially even pain now that’s not saying that a low carb diet is a way to go that’s not.

What I’m necessarily suggesting my point in mentioning this study is that a massive dietary intervention resulted in a change for people in one way or the other in this case maybe they lost more weight and it just relieved their joints I don’t know but let’s talk about some specific foods that have some very specific effects when it comes down to how our joints feel hey after this article go ahead and check out thrive market I put a link for them down below they are an online membership-based grocery store so if you want to get any kind of like food.

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Do certain foods cause arthritis flare-ups?

It’s super easy and also they are an amazing supporter and sponsor of this which makes them super cool and because of that put a 25 off discount link for membership down below as well as a gift when you sign up with thrive market so check out that link down below okay first food cruciferous vegetables and it’s not because they’re just good for you it’s because they contain something called sulforaphane which is relatively well now heavily researched so it’s kind of interesting there’s a study that was published in the journal PLoS one that took a look at sulforaphane specifically they found that sulforaphane activated nrf2 which can help alleviate an inflammatory response associated directly with the joints so.

When you activate nrf2 it can modulate some of that thereby reducing some of the stiffness that you might have in a joint, to begin with, but what I found was even more interesting is they found that there was a reduction in the antibodies that would normally trigger the breakdown of collagen makes up cartilage and supports our joints and everything like that so if we have antibodies that are breaking down or triggering the breakdown of collagen that’s not a very good thing so if we can reduce those antibodies utilizing sulforaphane that’s in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli-like cauliflower-like kale things like that.

That’s pretty cool like low-hanging fruit or low-hanging broccoli to go after then the academy of nutrition and dietetics published a study that demonstrated that higher intake of cruciferous vegetables led to less pro-inflammatory markers that had to do again well whole-body inflammation in this case but then when you look at other studies you see that whole-body inflammation can elevate how our joints are affected so it’s not like you just have isolated inflammation in a joint whole-body inflammation which can potentially be modulated by cruciferous vegetables well that plays a role in how our joints feel so again we have to look this holistic big picture anyhow moving on to the next one olive oil I love.

What foods are bad for stiff joints?

That olive oil is being super researched right now because I think it has a lot of amazing properties so this study was published in the journal nutrition research took a look at 30 participants and it gave them 400 milligrams of olive oil extract for eight weeks, okay and they found when they did have the olive oil extract they gave them a health assessment questionnaire and they found that their disability index improved they were less disabled if you want to call it that they were more mobile they were less sedentary they were able to move around now the researchers suggested that the potent antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory effects of olive oil which I know are powerful.

But I don’t know I still kind of disagree on that I kind of feel like if someone is adding olive oil into their diet there’s a higher likelihood that they’re pulling something else out and I am much more a fan of pulling something that’s causing a problem out than just adding something in and saying it’s got a magical healing benefit so I kind of tend to think that because they added olive oil in maybe they were replacing something else because this study also took a look at saturated fat intake and found when they looked at 2092 participants saturated fat was kind of inversely correlated so the higher the saturated fat content then there was more joint issue so.

We have to kind of look at that equation too but then there was a study that was published in arthritis care and research and this one found that more monounsaturated fat intake was associated with less of a decline in joint space width so if our joints are shrinking and that space width is shrinking then obviously we’re going to have like restricted movement so somehow monounsaturated fats are reducing the kind of shrinkage of that which is kind of interesting and then you have to ask yourself the question though if monounsaturated fats are coming in what is getting replaced okay so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s magical but I do think that adding monounsaturated fats and probably have some component even.

Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness
Can Certain Foods Worsen Joint Pain Stiffness

What foods cause joint pain and stiffness?

If it is simply that it allows you to you know eat that instead of something else then we have one that’s a little bit more obvious that’s going to be omega-3 consumption high amounts of fatty oily fish plays a pretty powerful role we know that omega-3s have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that’s probably what they are most noted for but a study that was published in rheumatology advances took a look at 152 participants a pretty good size study and they gave them two grams 2000 milligrams of focus hexanoic acid DHA and 400 milligrams of EPA and they did this for 16 weeks and after 16 weeks they found that.

They had improvements in joint pain and of course, they had the modulation of inflammation because again the omega-3s effect that pathway so pretty interesting stuff there but now what do we want to look at avoiding because this is a pretty important piece right well sugar is going to make the top of this list and sugar is isolated from other carbohydrates I don’t care what people will say about grouping macronutrients together this study illuminates that pretty clear so.

This study was published in disease models and mechanisms and it looked at sugar versus corn starch, okay and what they found is that when subjects consumed sugar they had worsened joint pain they had increases in inflammation they had decreases in antioxidant activity and the group that had the cornstarch did not that’s kind of interesting because when you’re adding sugar in and cornstarch in equal amounts the same amount of calories the sugar group had.