Introduction Of BODY COMPOSITION OF ATHLETES How to lose body fat

BODY COMPOSITION OF ATHLETES How to lose body fat. they bring you, professionals, because going to the book as many people do is not highly recommended, that is, you were looking for precisely this will be advised when it comes to improving your sports performance and your good body composition these years have been spectacular for you, true, last year you won the isp Amman and this year you have won the extreme Pyrenees and explain a little how these competitions are these little special competitions that come out of the ordinary of the ironman as they are known are ironman distances but.

What should an athlete’s body fat percentage be?

They are extreme The format is the same, the only thing that changes is that you carry support with you, which is the one that helps you feed in everything and the skin race is especially very special because it is a mountain race and the only one that varies in ironman as if to say the normal thing in the last states from five-thirty in the morning until now competing until six is 13 hours I think that at 6 in the afternoon too and what it is there are very few participants and there are so many hours that you do everything only clear exact except when.

It approaches in the support that is for these most key moments but they are very tough competitions and returning to the subject the body composition that we knew was d Determining so that you can not only finish all these races but also to win we know that body composition is important to control and what body composition is because we just know that the body basically that we have water we have bone we have fat we have muscle and there are tables made by experts in which they guide us where we have to go concerning, for example, muscular behavior or the fat compartment, do not you remember, for example, what percentage of fat.


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We were looking for because we are looking for a percentage of between 7 and 8 percent of body fat exactly for the full season because for different disciplines there are recommended percentages of fat, for example for football in the case of 6 to 14 percent and women from 10 to 18 percent and example in the case of swimming, then from 6 to 12 percent in men and also from 10 to 18 percent in women, that is, these tables n They help you to have a guide to know where we have to approach and then we have been working on different measurements.

How do you reduce body fat composition?

What measurements do you remember that I have taken and how we have done it, Rafa, you put me on a scale and the measurements were body, muscle, water [Music ] body fat true culture visceral fat also reminds me very well and then also to see this fat component what we did was measure 6 folds than with the least mythical meter peak that is this device what we did was take a fold behind the arm another in the back 2 in the abdominal area and also two in the legs and in this way what we were looking for was to get closer to these parameters that.

We can see here also by different disciplines since the sum of these six-folds must be in a number or another and this case what we were looking for was for it to be equal to or even less than 60 and 37 millimeters and thus we could keep track of the visits then we also apply what is known as a standard format which is the sum of 10 measurements that include perimeter diameters and also body folds to know if the shape of your body suited the discipline we were looking for in your case, Rafa, We knew that both an excess of fat and muscle would be an inconvenience for this discipline, true.

Because you believe that there is a disadvantage at the moment that both body and muscle fat is extra weight that you have to drag every sound in my tests that are of long-distance and resistance, the less fat, the less muscle mass, the better, if that is to say, there is no atrophy, let alone of the muscle mass, but we are not looking for hypertrophy, that is, excessive growth of muscle mass, but rather to maintain it and well we have worked many aspects to be able to reach the goal such as recovery we have even worked some shakes you Do you remember some of.


At what body fat percentage do you lose muscle?

If protein fruit oat cereal shakes a fairly complete shake without naturals and especially that they are natural that is what we were looking for in these recoveries was to cover one gram of carbohydrates per kilogram of high weight Glycemic index sometimes we use juices for example and also in covering protein about 0.3 grams of protein per kilogram of weight because we were also interested in total calories, yes it is true that when planning the diet of an athlete both carbohydrates As proteins and fats are calculated per kilogram of weight, so you saw a lot of variation in the number of your meals throughout.

The year, for example, before competitions, carbohydrate overload, which is what you did well, increase the quality of rice potato pasta, not all kinds of potatoes and egg death will go to flour but above all, it loads a lot of carbohydrates and above all also between meals because loading bread jam with jam some fruit very well yes yes that is all we have been working on because of course for min let’s say the training we were covering about six grams of carbohydrates per kilogram weight and precisely in what you refer to in the overload of carbohydrates.

We were already reaching more than 10 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight and also another issue that we have worked on a lot is hydration which is what you usually see in general day to day what we see amounts of water and then also in what is before isotonic workouts during the training period is longer than two hours and only tonic varying with water and then at the end of post water training or the recuperators that this is a little different in the competition because we give it isotonic from the beginning of that it is and you for example.

What exercises reduce body fat percentage?

What parameters you observe in the urine before starting to compete before competing look at the urine and make it clear quite the opposite to after the competitions that the urine is completely yellow from all the residues even though today we have calculated the sweating rate and You told me, well, I know that at least 700 milliliters I have to cover with the liquid but of course it was not only worth with water, especially to you, it is not only worth with water but actually when it comes in when there are competitions of more than 60 or 90 minutes and high intensity.

What is also important is to provide electrolytes and also carbohydrates are important aspects you, for example, do you remember from your last competition that what supplementation did you use and supplementation during the race, if you can energy, bars few gels and especially since pampering rolls with honey jam some sausage but above all honey jam and isotonic ones and gels true and also Salt pills is exact because in this case if we would only give only water what would happen is that there could be a dilution of the fluids, which is known as hyponatremia, which is also a problem.

What Burns first fat or muscle?

That is, both dehydration and what is known as hyponatremia that it is when only water is given it can become a problem and it is also important to comment that all this supplementation that he had approved before is true if before the training sessions I am testing it to see if in my body how it reacts and at what moment you You take the opportunity to consume more, let’s say supplementation or even food, also more in the race on the bike or during swimming. we are doing this test much longer, which is the bicycle, than when running is different.

Because running costs more to eat and live well and you have to take faster things but especially on a bicycle you have to make solid food as much as possible and as much as possible if I have done you I have tried to reach 90 grams of carbohydrates on the bike using about All that is known as multiple world transport, which is to provide different types of carbohydrates so that absorption is possible, then good and concerning recovery, for example, what do you think is more important supplementation or food, the most important thing is always Food.