6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization

6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization
6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization

Introduction Of 6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization

6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization. What it is measuring is the difference essentially between your parasympathetic nervous system and your sympathetic nervous system so if you are stressed out your heart rate variability is not going to be that good it’s going to be relatively low we generally want a higher heart rate variability which means that we are more flexible we want more flexibility because that means that the heart the body can respond to a stressor and have the delta have the flexibility to be able to respond to that you all of a sudden get hit with a big ball of stress that you weren’t expecting you can adapt to that and you can adjust but.

What are the Habits of longevity?

If you’re rigid and your heart rate variability is low you cannot respond to that stressor nearly as well does that make sense now there’s a study that was published in the European Journal of applied physiology I thought this put this into great context it took a look at 18 elite skiers now with these 18 elite skiers for 15 days it put them in an altitude chamber have very controlled training very controlled sleep very controlled diet everything like that one group they measured their heart rate variability and they adjusted their training based upon where their heart rate variability was if their heart rate variability was low they said you’re not that recovered.

6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization
6 Habits for Longevity & Optimization

We’re not going to have you train very hard if their heart rate variability was high said hey you’re recovered we can push you hard and the other group just didn’t pay attention to that at all well at the end of the study they found that both groups ended up with pretty similar outcomes but what was interesting was that the heart rate variability group ended up having markers that show that they could have continued for a longer period what does that have to do with longevity what does it have to do with it well it’s demonstrating that if we pay attention to those markers and we can modulate our training modulate our stress modulate our workload based upon feedback.

What habits help you live longer?

We’re getting from our body we can have the resiliency to do it for a longer period you and I can both set out on a mission to just beat the heck out of ourselves and reach an ultimate goal but if I’m paying attention to things like my heart rate variability paying attention to my sympathetic nervous system my parasympathetic nervous system I can arguably potentially do it for longer which leads me into the next thing that I am huge on testing and making sure that I pay attention to monitoring my hormones getting my blood work done especially as a male I pay very close attention to my testosterone levels I pay very close attention to my cortisol levels.

I pay very close attention to my estrogen levels why because there are so many different factors a lot of things that we don’t even know the tip of the iceberg with yet for example testosterone can play a tremendous role in sleep it can play a tremendous role in insulin resistance which is just how we manage and handle our food they can play a huge role in our overall visceral fat stores which has a lot of other different factors when it comes into metabolic health and also how we feel but of course, I’m also looking at performance right if we think about testosterone and we think it’s just about muscle just about holding on to muscle and performing well well.

How can I live longer in 5 habits?

That testosterone helps support muscle but muscle is not just performance muscle is a signaling device muscle secretes myokines muscle secretes things that allow us to signal to ultimately be alive right if we are moving tissue if we are moving muscle we are sending signals to the body that we are alive and we have vitality so it’s not just about how you look it’s about why are our levels potentially declining what can we start to do to pay attention to this so of course, I monitored that and now we’re living in a generation where things are literally at our fingertips so much easier I recommend that you check out a company is one of the fastest-growing men’s health services.

So they make it super easy they send you an assessment right there at home you take the assessment so you know whatever panel you’re looking at right and then you send that back in and physicians take a look at it and then have telehealth consult with you and if you need to work with that physician to get any specific kind of treatment or anything like that you can work directly with that physician and then a membership with them allows you to continue that on a monthly but also allows you to have these consults with these physicians every 90 days or so so you’re constantly getting that feedback.


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You’re constantly being able to work with professionals to make sure that you are where you want to be so that you can live your most optimized life it is honed big picture that age should not be a limit they stand behind that and they know that if the power is put in the person’s hands to be able to assess these kinds of things then they can make the best possible decisions so I pay attention to my hormones I think it’s one of the most important things that I could pay attention to because it dictates what I do with other directions.

How can I increase my longevity?

It’s called hone and that link is down below that way you can get your assessment and then you can work with a physician if you need to so again that link is down below the next piece which is something so important holy smokes is utilizing a periodic sauna you don’t have to make it a part of your daily routine the reason that saunas are so important for me in terms of my optimization strategy is because of heat shock proteins these are what are called chaperone proteins and ultimately what’s happening is because you’re exposing yourself to extreme heat these chaperone proteins allow your body to essentially become more resilient you’re dealing with the.

The heat you’re dealing with the stress in the heat so namely heat shock protein 70 hsp 70 which is the most researched is allowing us to build more resiliency you’ve ever seen that in the inactive muscle like a muscle that’s not being used there are lower levels of heat shock proteins so does that mean that that person’s not using a sauna any what I’m getting at here is that when we exercise we create heat shock proteins because we’re creating heat when we exercise well it seems as though sauna kind of mimics that a little bit so when we’re exercising we’re creating heat and we have this influx of heat shock proteins then we are getting that adaptation.

What foods increase longevity?

That’s occurring but during a sauna exposure anything like that you’re getting a similar effect there’s a study that’s published in the journal in science and medicine and sports that took a look at runners in this case and it had them add sauna usage for three weeks into their training well they ended up having over a 32 increase in their time to exhaustion not only that they had an increase in their red blood cell count and an increase in blood plasma volume what’s that’s demonstrating that in adjunct to training it was improving their training so it was having a similar effect to working out they were getting stronger now.

That’s not the only reason that I’m a big fan of asana there are some positive things like you can protect from oxidative stress and things like that it can build up resiliency there but also there’s a big piece when it comes down to sleep when it comes down to what’s called the glymphatic system I would argue that as we start to progress through life a little bit sleep becomes even more important now a sauna can increase what is called intracranial pressure this essentially is allowing more cerebral spinal fluid to flush through the brain a little bit more essentially washing metabolites out of the brain so that your brain can potentially get a more restorative sleep it’s a very important thing and something that we tend to forget a lot about especially.

What are the 5 main habits?

When we’re just focusing on performance all the time this next one is so important and that is that lactate and lactic acid what used to be an enemy should be your friend and this sounds so oh this is so like hoity-toity i don’t really care about no stop and listen to this because this is important the burn that you feel when you are lifting weights the burn that you feel when you are doing uh bfr training that burn is not bad that burn is a signaling device it is called lactate.

Now when we start to recruit carbohydrates out of the glycogen for fuel through pyruvate we start creating pyruvate we start going through this whole process lactic acid or lactate is a byproduct of that we used to think that lactate was just fatigue it’s not lactate is actually a rite of passage when we reach that burn it is acting as a signal telling the brain telling the body that this person needs to adapt they’re getting stronger.