5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More

5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More
5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More

Introduction Of 5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More

5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More. We can manipulate this and use it to our advantage now MCT oil does a lot of other things that we’re going to talk about but the main thing is it goes directly into the liver fast can stimulate ketone production very fast but it can also sort of re-prioritize what the body wants to use as fuel because it absorbs so fast so let’s dive into I’ve got plenty of things that are not related to fasting too but if you are someone.

What time of day should you take MCT oil?

That intermittent fasts consuming MCT oil before starting your fast like with your last meal or in some specific cases even during a fast might help you out you see when you are fasting it takes you some hours into your fast before you start producing ketones now you don’t always fast four ketones I know plenty of people that fast just because they feel good and they like it and it’s easier but if you’re not fasting for ketone production maybe you should consider it because ketones during a fast give you all kinds of different benefits deacetylase inhibition beta hydroxymethylation all these other effects on the cells that are cool that.

I don’t need to talk about today the problem is we don’t start getting higher levels of ketones during a fast until we’re like 12 14 16 hours into a fast so to have the prolonged exposure to ketones that we need to get that effect we need to be fasting for like 20 22 24 plus hours to be saturating the cells with ketones long enough to get a solid benefit not saying that shorter fasts are bad they’re great but with MCTs, because no my cells have to be formed I’ll explain what that means if they just absorb quickly we can potentially drive ketone levels up higher so first case scenario I’m going to talk about during a fast just because.

5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More
5 Optimal Times to Take MCT Oil for Fat Loss & More

It makes the case a lot easier there’s a study that was published in the journal frontiers and nutrition that found that taking in 20 grams of MCT oil ended up skyrocketing ketone levels from a baseline of one millimole up to six millimoles that’s not that much MCT oil driving up ketone levels super high not dangerously high but just nicely high well this was after 12 hours being fasted so what that shows is that well when we are in a fasted state we consume some MCT oil it’s going to bypass all.

How many times a day should you take MCT oil?

The other sort of digestion that would occur with normal fats MCTs are a total anomaly they’re digested way different no pancreatic enzymes required no bile salts required no micelle formation required no lymphatic system just straight into the portal vein into the liver and in our liver we have mitochondria and those mitochondria are the epicenter they are the main site for ketone formation for ketogenesis the quicker we can just push a fat directly into that mitochondrion the quicker we can create ketones and not have to go through much digestion at all so arguably not breaking a fast I think they break a fast but if you have MCT oil during.

A fast you get yourself a whole different set of benefits so occasionally have MCT oil during a fast sure digestively it probably does break a fast but you are going to drive your ketone levels up higher which certainly counts for something possibly something different so you know you try it out but what about right before you start your fast well the journal nutrition and metabolism published a study that showed that when subjects consumed MCT oil right after a meal their postprandial ketone levels still went up a little bit although not nearly as much if in a fasted state or ketogenic state but even if they had carbohydrates if you had some MCT oil afterward you could modestly drive up ketone levels which tell us.

Can you have MCT oil in the evening?

That if you were to consume MCT oil with your very last meal maybe you could stimulate ketogenesis a little bit quicker you’re gonna put yourself into a ketogenic state faster because you’re up-regulating the ketolytic enzymes you’re upregulating this whole ketogenic process in the liver by the sort of kickstarting it and forcing it by hammering some unique small molecule fats into the liver saying oh guess we’re going to produce ketones and then that whole process is up-regulated.

So by the time you are deeper into a fast you’re much more efficient at it so there’s a couple of cases right there the next one is going to be with breakfast or lunch and there’s a very specific reason as to why now I will say I believe that most people that use MCT oil are using it during like breakfast time it just makes sense you add the coffee add it to tea-things like that the bottom line is this we should be consuming 30 to 40 percent of our calories earlier on in the day we respond to food better during daylight once the daylight is gone we sort of lack some of the proper utilization enzymes and things like that our genes are working in our favor if.


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We’re eating during daylight hours so stacking more of your calories in the morning is what I would highly recommend but that comes with a problem the problem with that is you end up kind of hungry later on in the day as you’re adapting to this so MCT oil is a great way to get your calories in earlier the day that can also stimulate a higher resting energy expenditure a higher metabolic rate so by having MCT oil as your source of additional calories where you can easily get two or three hundred more calories in MCT oil in the morning not only do you get more calories in the morning but you’re also increasing your resting energy expenditure because of.

How long does it take for MCT oil to take effect?

How fast they burn but additionally according to European journal clinical nutrition you stimulate more of what is called peptide yy as well as leptin which is like well known and well documented as huge satiety compounds so when our body releases those we are satiated so thereby sort of limiting that hunger that’s going to occur later in the day when you first start adding more calories in the morning I recommend you try it even if it sounds crazy I recommend adding MCT oil to add more calories earlier in the day I know you’re going to be fearful that you’ll still overeat at night but there’s a good chance you won’t because you’ll be so satiated just try it trust me on that one.

If you’re wondering how to add MCT oil in or anything like that I did put a link down below for perfect keto they have a really good MCT oil powder so that way you could mix it into yogurt you can mix it in your coffee you can mix it into tea you can mix it into your oatmeal you could do whatever even if you just I mean you’re going to get still the calories with it it’s just in a powder form it makes it a little bit easier that way they sort of like dry it and make it so it’s usable so highly recommend them.

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Has anyone lost weight with MCT oil?

You feel like your metabolism might be slowing down a little bit some of the things aren’t working the way they used to maybe your lipid panel isn’t the way it was well MCT oil might be perfect for you and some newer research sort of suggests that so the European journal clinical nutrition had published that MCT oil seems to decrease glucose levels plasma glucose levels but also plasma triglyceride levels why is it unique or cool when we can decrease both of those at the same time well when both of those are elevated at the same time.

It indicates that our liver is a little bit overwhelmed you see if glucose goes up really high the liver has to deal with it and if it’s overwhelmed with it then glucose still remains high but the liver ends up turning some of the extra glucose into triglycerides which are eventually gonna get stored as fat but even worse could get well stored other places that can make us very sick right so we don’t want high glucose and high triglycerides that is like a very clear marker of metabolic dysfunction and ultimately poor health if you ask me well it’s interesting.