5 Nutrient Dense Foods on Keto Nobody Talks About

5 Nutrient Dense Foods on Keto Nobody Talks About
5 Nutrient Dense Foods on Keto Nobody Talks About

You want something unique on keto but you don’t want one of these frankin foods that’s coming out that has all kinds of ingredients that you can’t pronounce that’s just as bad as it was before you went keto right well let’s write a look at a few very unique keto-friendly foods that aren’t talked about that also have some nutritional value we’ll break them all down it’s really interesting to let’s jump in the first one is one of my personal favorites when I was a kid I used to eat these straight up by the spoonful capers.

What are 5 nutrient-dense foods?

That’s probably why I ended up so weird but the reality is capers are perfect on keto okay not even a question on the carb content we don’t even have to go there but they’re also packed with quercetin so you’re going to have a very powerful compound that’s been demonstrated in multiple studies to be very effective when it comes down to inflammation modulation the journal the American college nutrition had published an interesting paper it took a look at patients with rheumatoid arthritis and it gave them 500 milligrams of quercetin per day for eight weeks okay when it found at the end of the study their tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels.

Were significantly lower that’s an inflammatory cytokine okay so those were markedly lower plus their instances of stiffness and joint pain, in general, went down okay that’s pretty darn awesome but let’s just get down to the nitty-gritty capers taste good they add like a nice lemony flavor to whatever you’re doing so you add them to sour cream add them to tahini whatever they’re just something that you can have on keto that you don’t typically think of that packs a pretty powerful nutritious punch which brings me into the next one anyway which kind of falls in that same Mediterranean category tahini like why are we not having more tahini and honestly even small amounts of hummus is okay.

I mean the small amount of carbs that you’re getting from a little bit of hummus is going to be negligible especially when you factor in the soluble fiber that you’re getting out of the chickpeas and you’re getting out of that anyway but let’s focus on Tahiti okay there was a study that was published in the archives of Iranian medicine that was pretty interesting okay actually what it did is it took two groups it took a group of subjects that ate a regular breakfast and another group that replaced a component of their breakfast with two tablespoons of tahini so equal calories between both groups okay then at the end of the study they found it was six weeks they found that.

What are the top 5 keto foods?

The group that had the tahini had lower levels of triglycerides well this is pretty interesting because when you look at what makes up tahini it’s pretty much just sesame and Evo now sesame technically is an omega-6 fat which may upset some people but it’s such a unique kind of fat in sesame that it’s totally good to go on keto it doesn’t count as like a traditional omega-6 because it has its natural antioxidant protectant which is going to make it so that it does not go through that lipid peroxidation meaning it’s not fat that’s going to go rancid and cause a ruckus inside your body so tahini with breakfast tahini on like a little bit of almond flour bread or something like.

That tastes delicious so, by all means, rock and roll with that the next one is going to be nori seaweed okay now kombu or wakame seaweed is going to be a little bit too high in carbohydrates but the reality is with those two kinds of seaweed you would probably not be eating like 100 grams of it because that stuff is powerful powerful tasting and you’d be pretty interesting if you were to just chow down on a bowl of that but when it comes down to nori is super universal so not only are we getting the iodine that we get out of nori which is tremendous for the thyroid we’re also getting a few beta-glucans which are a specific kind of fiber that’s why it gets kind of slimy which is good for gut diversity but it’s super universal and it’s very high in b12 so if you’re just doing keto and you’re just trying to get.

I don’t know a food transport system it’s a great vehicle to get additional foods in like roll up some chicken in it or roll up a little bit of cauliflower rice this is something we don’t typically think of because we think sushi is out of the equation but you absolutely can make some forms of keto sushi with other kinds of food by the way I put a link down below for thriving market some of the foods that I’m talking about things like tahini things like nori you can get through the thriving market so if you want to get those kinds of foods there is a link down below when you go to thrive market it’s an online membership-based grocery store so you can sort by diet so you’d want to check the box for keto and then.

Is the keto diet nutrient-dense?

It’s going to bring up all the keto items and then from there you can further filter down like baked goods or cereals or snacks or beverages or anything like that and you can find things that are going to fit within your keto profile but also a way for you to get groceries delivered that’s a heck of a lot easier and if you use that link you’ll save 25 off your membership and get a gift so check them out after this article trust me it is awesome next one is okra okay if you have an air fryer fun fact put okra in the air fryer little bit of avocado oil a little bit of seasoning and you’re done that’s all you need and it’s perfect but anyway okra is very powerful there was a study.

That was published in the journal phytotherapy research that found that adding okra into the diet decreased blood cholesterol levels that were associated with a high-fat high sugar diet now I know on keto you’re not eating a lot of sugar but it’s a very viable consideration to be like a little bit concerned with your cholesterol levels when all of a sudden you’re eating a bunch of fats I mean you can say what you want about it but the reality is that that’s a concern so if you’re eating foods like okra that have the soluble fiber content that could help lower that then that’s totally a good thing but researchers also found in that same study that.

It seemed to lower plasma glucose levels which is tremendous the mechanism is a little bit unknown but it seems to me that it has to do with the absorption so it seems to slow the absorption of glucose out of the intestinal tract which is great if you’re doing keto because then you have less potential for spiking and kicking you out of keto so I mean it’s a win-win around this next one I have to give a thoughtful nod to good old Michael heard who’s always talking about duck eggs got me so curious a couple of years ago that I ate a few of them thought they were delicious but I have a hard time getting my hands on them so when we compare duck eggs to chicken eggs yeah duck eggs have a slightly different taste.

5 Nutrient Dense Foods on Keto Nobody Talks About

What nutrient sources are used during ketosis?

They have like just better body they have more flavor profile but the nutrient value they’re pretty close to the same as eggs in terms of macronutrients so regular chicken eggs and duck eggs you’re still looking about the same amount of fat the same amount of protein for a 100-gram serving but what’s different about duck eggs is they have a bunch more vitamin b12 so 100 grams serving has 90 percent of your b12 versus chicken eggs having about 20 to 25 and duck eggs have twice the vitamin d as chicken eggs which is extremely important in the world that I live in I’m always talking about how vitamin d can affect telomeres how it can affect metabolism how can affect glucose uptake all kinds of things very very powerful there but.

When it comes down to just like the choline everything like that it’s about the same as a chicken egg if you can get your hands on them they’re great but generally you’re going to find them from a local source which is probably why they’re usually more nutritious because they’re probably farm-raised in someone’s backyard where they’re controlling everything versus you know traditional feedlot chickens anyhow moving on next one is going to be mung beans or sprouted mung beans and sprouted kidney beans normally beans and legumes things like that are pretty much off-limits but in specific cases like this with kidney beans and mung beans if you sprout them.

It makes them much more nutritious there’s still only like seven grams of carbs per 100 grams serving with mung beans or kidney beans that are sprouted the journal of agricultural and food chemistry found that the germination of mung beans for just eight days which is generally what you would sprout them for ends up increasing the vitamin c content 24x not 24 24x now we’re talking an already bioavailable form of vitamin c that we are now 24xing okay it’s not like taking in regular vitamin c via ascorbic acid it’s taking it in in a true bioavailable form which is going to be much more effective additionally you’re also looking at enhancing a lot of the flavonoids so just germinating them and sprouting them will 7x the flavonoid content so yeah you’re looking relatively low carb high fiber low phytic acid.

What fruits you can eat on keto?

Because you’ve sprouted them and you’re just getting something that you can munch on okay now is one that I’m excited about that I have been on a kick lately since my son’s school teacher is Indian and she cooks Indian food okay Indian food believe it or not if you get rid of the rice and you limit the chickpeas and you make some alterations but you just use the sauces and stuff like that it’s perfectly keto like tiki masala the sauce is absolutely keto-friendly with like five grams of carbs in a serving plus you’re getting all the benefits of like ginger you’re getting the turmeric you’re getting uh coriander which all have benefits ginger contains six schools six shoals is a very powerful lipolysis stimulator.

It stimulates the release of fatty acids out of the blood or out of the lipids into the bloodstream okay that is super powerful on keto because we want to liberate fats that we can turn them into ketones or so that we can actually oxidize them so I don’t know why people tend to think that Indian food is not keto I mean if you go to an Indian food restaurant you’re gonna probably have Indian food that is loaded with soybean oil but if you make it at home and you just make the sauces or you buy some of the sauces that are on the shelves or you know someone that makes.

I would say lean into it because the spices vastly override some of the small amounts of carbs you might be WRITING in a lot of the fats are based with ghee which is already perfect on keto-based with coconut which is already perfect on keto like everything works well all you have to do is get rid of the starches get rid of the chickpeas and even those you could have a tiny bit of not to mention coriander is a spice that has a bunch of potential anti-inflammatory effects too so is a powerful thing I would just highly recommend that you just play around with it and again when you look at thai food too like Thai food Indian food kind of coming along the same lines in terms of like curries.